Motivating Mum Chelona Ross loses over 11kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her tips on Money.

Well ladies December has been a great month so far and with persistants I’ve broken through a spot of fluctuation in my weight and now weigh less than before #3 who is now 10 months old. My ultimate goal? I’m ½ way…
I have thought a lot of why I didn’t start living healthier sooner and all I can say is I wrote the book on excuses and thought it would be good for mums who are still on the fence about starting to hear about my biggest excuse MONEY!
28_day_challengeMy excuses around money included

  • I can’t afford to eat healthy food
  • I can’t afford a gym membership or PT
  • Why would I pay for someone to tell me what to eat?

Truth is I can afford to eat health food and the money i spend on food now compared to before is proof… Now I do one shop a week to feed 2 Adults, 2 Children and a toddler.
My Shop costs me around $250 for all meals, snacks and even some treats for hubby’s likes!
Yes I have to be organised now and prepare all our food and it takes time but you’ll see it;s worth it.
Before I would spend $200 a week on groceries and waste ½ the food. Get take out 3-4 times a week for dinner (average cost of $50 a meal). The odd coffee and cake or lunch at the shopping centre (another $15 each time).Hubby would buy lunch every day( $20 a day). My son would have a lunch order twice a week ( $5 a day). WOW!!!
Lets add it all up!
Groceries $200
Take away $150
Coffee or lunch$30
Hubby lunch $100
Sons Lunch$10
TOTAL = $490
Now that’s $260  that we were throwing away, I don’t even know how we paid the bills spending that much money!
As for a gym membership or PT, I could possibly afford it now we don’t spend all that money on food but truth is it costs nothing to walk!
I also subscribed to the 28 Day Challenge and now have access to the exercises for a cost of  “hold your hat” just over $1 a day all because I joined when it was on special and the best thing it will never go up in price. You don’t need to spend money to exercise all you need is knowledge and I now have that thanks to Lose Baby Weight and Healthy Mummy.
That brings me to “Why should I pay for someone to tell me what to eat”…
Well I didn’t know you could lose weight eating food and thought i had to live on salads! I now have the knowledge I need and have even learnt to cook thanks to my Challenge subscription, yes that’s right, not only is the challenge giving me the knowledge I need to exercise without spending $30 a week on a gym membership but also includes more recipes than I could try in a year and has given me the confidence I need to feed my family the best for their health.
I will close off by letting you know I have treated myself and purchased some Healthy Mummy Smoothie mixes but after doing the calculation it’s cheaper than the cereal I use to buy and being a challenge member there are alway great discounts!
Chelona Ross
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