Motivating Mum Casey Jones loses 2.7kgs following the January 28 Day Challenge with Lose Baby Weight bringing her total weight loss to 12.7kg following the lose baby weight plans

Hello lovely ladies,
Well, my Lose Baby Weight journey into the New Year as a Motivating Mum has been absolutely fabulous so far!
I weighed in on 1st January at 73.4kg (after being very naughty for the month of December) and after a 4 day detox (using the 3 Day Cleanse Plan as a guide) I lost 1.7kg, weighing in at 71.7kg on the first day of the Challenge.
My new years resolution this year is to focus on becoming fit and toning up instead of just counting down the dreaded kilos. I also decided to take up swimming for exercise as I was finding it really hard to motivate myself to work out in this hot summer heat.
My goals for the January Challenge are to:
1 – go swimming 3 times a week (Monday’s, Wednesday’s & Friday’s)
2 – complete the challenge exercises everyday
3 – complete other 1 hour workouts 3 times a week
4 – meet my daily calorie intake
5 – drink 2L of water a day, and
6 – to lose 5kg before holidays on 21st Feb this year.
So far I am proud to say that I have kept to all of my goals, slightly tweaking numbers 2 & 3 by combining 2 days of challenge exercises every second day to become my 1 hour workout.
My first day swimming was slow and steady to say the least. I managed 700m in about 45 minutes, all breaststroke bar one 50m lap of freestyle which nearly killed me! Lol
Now I am swimming 1,000m in about 45 minutes, 300m+ of which is freestyle (broken up into 50m lengths in between laps of breaststroke).
So the proof is in the pudding ladies – or in this case, the pool – and the best part is that instead of being all hot and sweaty at the end of my workout I am cool and refreshed. I don’t know why I never started swimming sooner. I seriously encourage you all to try it!
My goal now is to be able to swim 1,000m (alternating 50m laps of breaststroke and freestyle – i.e. 500m breaststroke, 500m freestyle) by the end of the January challenge and eventually a full 1,000m of freestyle.
The 28 Day Challenge exercises this round have been great!
I was a little sore after my first session (which was a combination of days 1 & 2 – arms and legs together) but not nearly as sore as I thought I was going to be. Again, it just goes to show what a huge difference the warm up/down exercises make as I failed to complete these during my first attempt in the September challenge and I could barely even sit on the toilet after my first legs day hahaha.
I’ve also had to make a few minor alterations to some of the exercises as through doing things such as the overhead jacks and jump touchdowns, I have come to discover just how weak my pelvic floor muscles still actually are. But I guess that’s the beauty of the Lose Baby Weight plans – everything is so easily adjustable!
Calorie wise, I decided to take a break from the calorie counting app this challenge, and instead I am simply sticking to having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast, Lose Baby Weight recipes for lunch and dinner and healthy snacks for morning and afternoon tea – and of course my minimum of 2L of water per day.
So far I’m finding this approach much less stressful and yet still extremely effective.
Weighing in on Monday 12th January I weighed 70.7kg, a loss of 1kg for the first week of the January challenge –  2.7kg & 24cm down so far for the new year! 😀
This challenge is the first time I have had the opportunity to try the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and I must admit they are so much more filling than I ever thought they would be. Also, I was a bit unsure about how they would taste but I am yet to come across a smoothie recipe I have not enjoyed.
My favourites to date are the super antioxidant smoothie, the chocolate frappe and the berry & banana bang. Delicious, filling and full of healthy goodness for a much needed energy kick after a rough night’s sleep with the little one.
My favourite recipes from the January 28 Day Challenge so far are the honey, lemon & ginger chicken stir fry, prawn pad thai salad, coconut crumbed chicken, and for a sweet little treat, the dark chocolate and strawberry parfait – YUM!
I absolutely LOVE the Lose Baby Weight recipes. They are so quick and easy to prepare, always satisfying and absolutely DELICIOUS!
A good little tip to help keep you motivated while working out – Make a playlist of your top 10 favourite songs. Each song is about 3 minutes long, so that’s 30 minutes of work out music. And the more upbeat, the better!
I hope you are all enjoying the January 28 Day Challenge as much as I am and I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful results on Facebook. You all inspire me so much. Keep up the great work ladies!
Casey Jones

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