Motivating mum Caarmen Chong Nee has lost over 22kgs following the 28 Day Weightloss Challenges and she is continuing to inspire us throughout April as she continues to lose baby weight.
“I am so ecstatic to be back on board the Motivating Mum team for April!!! For those new to my journey I am a stay home, part-time working from home, mum to 3 beautiful children aged 4, 2 1/2, and 17 months. As you can imagine life is pretty crazy!!!
Lose Baby Weight-22kg Loss

8months ago I was an 111.6kg, post-nataly depressed, anxiety filled, stressed out mum struggling to meet the basic needs of my children, I was in a very dark place and a lot of my family worried about me. Countless sessions with my counsellor were spent talking on working on me and taking time for myself and doing things to help me find balance again, but I was struggling so hard to look after my kids, where was I going to find time for me?
July 2014, enter in Lose Baby Weight. I started trying out their free recipes available from their website and managed to drop a couple of kg over 2months simply by adding these recipes in. August came round and weighing in at 109.3kg I decided to take the plunge and join the September round of the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge. Best decision of my life, and I havent looked back!
I have tried to pin point my favorite part of the challenges but just cant because I LOVE IT ALL! Meal plans are done for you, which means no getting to 5pm and thinking oh no what am I going to cook for dinner, oh no time to defrost meat we’ll just get takeaways like I used to! The meal plans are all fully customisable with over 600  recipes to choose from so if therre’s something I think my family wont eat (doesnt happen often!)  then I can easily change it and it will produce a new shopping list for me!
How cool is that, I dont even have to write out a shopping list! I guess my FAVORITE PART about it all would have to be that the food tastes so AMAZING! Ive never cooked food that tasted so good and sometimes hard to believe it is so GOOD for me too! The meal plans are so incrdible and I love them but I do also have my cupboard stocked with my Healthy Mummy smoothie too for those “crap ive got to leave the house 5 minutes ago and I havent eaten moments”. Doesn’t hurt that they taste delicious and are SO good for you too!
I had been paying for a gym membership for almost a year that would only get used  once in a blue moon, with 3 kids it proved very difficult to get to the gym. So much money wasted! So greatful for the challenge workouts which could be done at home whenever i wanted! I loved doing the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge HIIT workouts and this was definitely a fav way to work out for me, FAST and EFFECTIVE and I had great results with them!
Needless to say I cancelled my membership at the gym! Unfortunately early in March I was diagnosed with a mild uterine prolapse so exercise has been altered quite a bit. I still do what I can of the challenge workouts but have to keep it all low impact. Thus the Lose Baby Weight Low Impact DVD has become my best friend! Such a great workout!
I also walk as often as I can now incorporating hills with my 9kg baby in the carrier on my back to help keep my calorie burn up! I am always finding new ways to intensify my workout with out needing to do high impact exercise. So keep an eye out for more ways to get a great calorie burn when youre limited to low-impact like me 🙂
lose belly fat
The March 28 Day Weightloss Challenge has seen me lose another 4kg bringing my total so far to 22kg. From 111.6 to 89.6 kg!!! Totally smashed my goal for the last week of March 🙂 Yay for seeing the 80’s!!! I still havent brought myself a new measuring tape! So cant update on measurements so Goal #1 for April: Buy a new measuring tape!
A new month for me means time to reflect on my last month and where Im doing good and where I can improve and set some new goals. March started out for me with a bang, fizzled out in the middle after news of the prolapse then smashed it again at the end. Both food and exercise are in need of a little refocusing as my efforts in both were only at about 70%. I want to make April AMAZING! So

Goal One:

Stick to meal plan 100%. How can I achieve this? : I have bought a diary to write down what I eat throughout the day to be more accountable to myself and this way I can make sure Im not sneaking in extra snacks or missing out on meals I should be eating.

Goal 2:

Walk 3 days per week and do LBW DVD and challenge exercises alternating days 6 days a week. How can I achieve this? : Go to bed early, so I can wake early to do challenge/DVD in the morning before kids wake. Keep doing walks with my sister (having a buddy helps you to be accountable to someone other than just yourself so a little extra reason to do it)!

Goal 3:

I have been thinking alot lately seeing other ladies rewarding themselves for reaching goals and I havent rewarded myself once for my losses so far. We are on a very tight budget so goal 3 for me is to find ways to reward myself within my means because I DESERVE IT and I AM WORTH IT! How can I achieve this?: Do a bit of research and find things that are cost efficient ways of pampering myself and making me feel a little bit special.
I am so pumped for the April Challenge and cant wait to see everyone’s transformations and journeys continue on the Private Facebook Support Page. It is such an incredible group of postive powerful women!
Carmen xx
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