Motivating Mum Bree Moss has lost over an amazing 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares her top tips.

You need to learn to love yourself for who you are now and who you will become. it’s all about attitude you go in with, it’s not a race – it’s a journey in weight loss there are no quick fixes , here are my 5 things you need to be successful with Lose Baby Weight.

  1. Determination – you have to want it, like really want it.
  2. A body– if you can move , you can lose, there are so many different ways to exercise its doesn’t have to be complicated
  3. Motivation – anything that inspires you, your family, a dress, take picture of yourself, don’t forget your measurement , might feel silly now but long term you’ll be glad you did, put pictures all over your fridge, cupboard, and bathroom mirror anywhere you look daily.
  4. Perseverance– when the going gets tough, you just keep going.
  5. Love– yourself , the way you look now , the way you look with your changing and of course the way you look when you reach your goals.

These are the things I have to remind myself daily. I won’t lie , this 28 Day Challenge is currently the hardest one for me, I have been away from home now since day 1 , I’ve been helping my sister prepare for her wedding , running around doing errands with my 6 month in tow. Life appears to get in the way DON’T LET IT, make positive choices and be prepared.
We will all have ‘slip’ ups and all make ‘not great’ food choices. My advice make the best out of a difficult situation, my sister has stairs in her house so bonus, I’ve been walking up/down up/down – it’s better than sitting and not moving. I encourage all of you to take a deep breath and keep doing, you can, you will, stay focused and stay strong. if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just a bit down , jump on Facebook – let all of us know , the point of going through this journey together is that we can build one another up, Lose Baby Weight is here for you, women inspiring women.
Bree Moss
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