Motivating Mum Bree Moss has lost over an amazing 8kgs with Lose Baby Weight and encourages you to MOVE!

It sounds really simple, but for some reason we as mums unintentionally complicate it. We are too busy with housework or children or cooking ect, ect I could right an essay alone on the things we feel are more important to be completed before we pay any attention to us.
I do it, I put my self at the bottom for the food chain, well that’s got to stop. We are worth it, think about it without us, none of that other stuff will be done. Our husbands/ partners – whom we love and adore can only do so much after their working week or maybe you work to, or maybe its just you.
(I admire that), and our children are mostly good at making mess, crying , and smiling when they want something .
So here it is, laid on the table – MOVE !! this doesn’t have to be a marathon run , or 2 hours at the gym daily (unless that’s what you love) it can be simple. My all time favourite is to dance around the house in my pjs , while doing the ‘ million ‘ little tasks. A short work , around the back yard – set up a treasure hunt for the kids ( when if its make beleive ), or around the block once the kids are in bed or your partner has come home or take the kids – a bribe never hurt anyone.
The Healthy Mummy DVD is a great one – its already broken down into sections so if your time restricted its fantastic, you only need 10-15 min and can work that into your day however you can. Incidental exercise is another great option, squat while you fold the laundry, lunge while your waiting for the microwave to finish. This January 28 Day Challenge has been the toughest for me, but every day I wake up and try to make better choices than I did the day before, the meals have been amazing & the exercise well did some one day sweat ???!!!
Weight loss is all about choices , every day we wake up and make active choices, we choose what to wear , the make-up we put on ( or don’t ), if we are actually going to go to work, take kids to school, activities ect, ect.
We choose the food that goes into our body & how active we are.
Believe in yourself that you can do it, everyone else around you can believe in you all they want, but that cant make you move only you can .
The lose baby weight program is one of a kind, we are all in the same boat, wanting to make changes in our lives , we all have different reasons for joining, but the same ultimate goal, to become healthier & happier woman .
You are worth it, so MOVE !!
Bree Moss
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