Motivating Mum Ashleigh Sobey has lost over an amazing 23kgs following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her top advice.Lose_Baby_Weight_23kg_loss
Hello ladies
Wow this month has just flown by.  March has been such a fantastic month filled with wonderful new 28 Day Challenge recipes.  I’ve vowed off the scales this month so not sure what to expect when the end of the month rolls around.  Starting with the 28 Day Challenges in September, I had lost 23kg when beginning the March challenge.  Being mum to two little ones I certainly have had my struggles this month, but I am determined to not give up.
This has included spending a night in hospital with my family due to my 21 month old slipping and falling from the bed while staying with Grandma.  This was probably one of the worst nights of my life and has really affected me in ways I can’t describe yet.
Thank goodness for Lose Baby Weight and their facebook support group.  While sharing my story, I was greeted with kindness, understanding and sympathies.  The biggest thing I can take from this experience in relation to my health is to not let emotions impact on food choices.  I’ve never considered myself an emotional eater, but there it is.
On a lighter and more positive note, I have decided to turn this all around.  I will start by setting some goals.  By the end of the month I want to be proud of what I have achieved.  I want to feel stronger.  The local park has got some monkey bars.  I have made it my duty to be able to get all the way along by the end of April.  It will take a lot of effort and a lot of upper body strength training, but I WILL DO IT!
I want to feel fitter.  Running has always been something I enjoy and I’m beginning to get back into it.  I have started doing the c25k app on my phone and even though I can’t do it everyday, I do it when I can.  My goal is to finish the whole thing by September when my one year anniversary of Lose Baby Weight rolls around.
So my advice would be for anyone struggling and finding it hard to keep going, know you are not alone.  There have been moments this month where I just wanted to give up.  But I remembered why I started and how much work I’ve put in to get where I am.  Rest and breathe.  Be kind to yourself and when you’re ready, set some new goals.  We can do this together.
This month has taught me a lot.  About being a mum and about friendship.  The facebook support group is my biggest source of motivation.  They are my friends. Together we have enjoyed delicious recipes this month such as Mini Strawberry “Cheesecakes” and variations of Mug Microwave Cakes especially the chocolate one…yumm. Together we have shared our triumphs every week with reflection posts of Flashback Friday.  Together we have baked yummy delights from the Guilt Free Chocolate Cook book, the 28 Day Diet and Exercise cookbook and the Spring & Summer Healthy Cookbook.  These ladies are the most beautiful, supportive and gracious people I know. I’m proud to belong.
So thank you for allowing me to be a Motivating Mum these last two months. I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with all of you.
Ashleigh Sobey
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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