Motivating Mum of 3 Andrea Dixon has lost over an amazing 10kgs with Lose Baby Weight  and talks about dealing with bad days.

Hi My name is Andrea Dixon I am one of the Motivating Mum’s for January.
I am a mum of three kids aged 9,6 and 5 months. My Lose Baby Weight journey started in September when my daughter was a few weeks old and to say it has been and amazing journey is an under statement. To date I have lost over 10 kg and am still going, I want to loose at least another 10kg and know that I have the keys to do this with Lose Baby Weight.
I have tried to lose weight in the past and did have some success but then failed. One of the things that I have found different with Lose Baby Weight and the 28 Day Challenges is the support and information behind it. The tools are readily available to keep you on track and this has been very helpful for me as at times I have become impatient with my progress.
I have had to realign my focus and reality and mindset which is hard but has been part of my success.
I have had many bad days on my journey, days where I have wanted to give up and quit because it all either seems to hard or is not happening quick enough or I am just down right depressed. These moments, times and days I have had to stop take a deep breath and remind myself of a few things that are important :
*My body took time to get this way so it will take time to get back to where I want to be.
*It’s ok to have a bad day every now and then, the difference is not allowing those days turn into weeks.
*Every step counts.
* I am my own harshest critique and sometimes I need to take a step back and remind myself how far I have come.
A few months ago I would have never imagined I would have come this far, my mind and life has changed I think about what I am doing, I take inconsideration my daily activities and how they will help me get to my goal. I stop and think about my exercise and food choices instinctively and this is what I love.
I wake up excited as I am know having a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for breakfast and for the first time in over 15 years I am actually having breakfast, I am excited to have lunch and dinner and snacks because the food on the website and the Challenges is amazing and I am wanting to cook again. One of the things that hasn’t helped with my weight is falling out of love with food and cooking this leading to bad choices, but now I am loving cooking and creating the amazing foods that often taste and look so naughty but are so healthy.
Everyday throws us challenges in our journey but it is the skills and discipline that we learn that allow us to get there in the end. Every step we take helps to reach the final goal even if we have to climb to the top of the mountain to get there and thanks to Lose Baby Weight I know I can reach the top of the mountain.
Andrea Dixon
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