My names Andrea and I am one of the Motivating Mum’s for August. I am a Mum to three kid’s my youngest has just turned one whom I am Breastfeeding. I have lost 29kg with Lose Baby Weight since September and gained a whole lot more.
Lose Baby Weight-30kg Loss

I found Lose baby weight in September last year and signed up and not long into my first Challenge I ordered my first Smoothies and haven’t looked back.
Following the Lose baby weight challenges and smoothies have not only allowed me to lose the weight I needed to lose it has allowed me to get a better grasp on my daily life.
The Challenges have helped me to be more organised and have a less stressful dinner time because I am organised and prepared. I am wasting less food and saving money on our food bill because I am not over buying fruit and vegetables this is a major plus for me.
Lose baby weight has allowed me to experiment and also expand our food choices, one of my issues when I was overweight was that I had fallen out of Love with cooking this leading me to make the same meals regularly that were not always nutritionally balanced and all though In my mind they were healthy they were not always healthy and often way to big in portion sizes.
Making your family favourites healthy is not that hard and with the help of the Lose Baby Weight website I quickly discovered nearly all our favourite meals have a healthy recipe already done making it simple to introduce a healthier lifestyle for my family.
I have slowly learnt along my journey to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to food, I am trying new things and adding new flavours to meals that I used to eat rather bland.
Being adventurous when it comes to your meals can make the world of difference. Never did I imagine I would learn to love Salmon (this was a flavour I really used to not like), but I do and I am proud that I am trying these new foods.
best ways to lose weight
I often read about people shying away from meals because there are one or two things in them that they do not like, I used to be one of these people but I have given myself the challenge to step out of the comfort zones and give things a try.
Don’t be afraid to try new things you don’t have a lot to lose and shying away from some of the amazing foods that are in the Challenges and on the website you really are missing out.
Throughout my journey so far I have learnt that food isn’t always the enemy that we make it out to be, yes our choices affect our weight gain and our weight loss.
But changing the way we look at food, prepare our food and dish up our food has a big effect on our journey. What we eat fuels our body and like a car our bodies run better on good quality food. What we eat, the amount we eat and how often we eat are major factors in our weight loss journey.
Since being on the challenges and finding lose baby weight and enjoying my healthy mummy smoothies I have discovered I have found a Lifestyle that I will be able to maintain, a lifestyle that is family friendly and a lifestyle that is not complicated. Lose baby weight has given me the skills to love and enjoy food again.
You can eat food that you love but in a responsible way a way that is good for your body and your waist. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or miss out on foods that you love.
Following the Challenges and using the free recipies on the website you can achieve your weight loss goals and still eat amazing and enjoyable food. This to me is the way it should be.
Learn to enjoy your food in a way that is positive, healthy and nutritious not only will your body thank you for it but your mind will too. So step out of your comfort zone and try something new and enjoy your journey.
Andrea   xx

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