I have now lost over 15kg with Lose Bay Weight and I am feeling amazing!
Lose Baby Weight- 15kg Loss
I am happy with where I am at the moment so any loss is a good loss. I’m now a proper size 12 so I definitely can’t complain after coming down from a size 16/18!
I have been loving the Healthy Mummy smoothies for those mornings when I am running around like a headless chook trying to get my two girls out the door by 6.30am to day care before I start work at 7am!Quick and easy and I drink them on the way to work.
I am trying new ones all the time but at the moment my favourites are: banana and honey, mango and passionfruit, chocolate and coconut and just good old mixed berry! Even my two girls have to have a bit if they spot me drinking it!
Exercise for me this month has mainly been inside as the arvos get cooler and hubby is now not home until late.
I have been using the healthy mummy DVD, even with some days only doing 15 minutes, but every bit counts! If you mummies are having trouble finding time to get some exercise in, 10 or 15 mins sections of the DVD are awesome!!!
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Some days I feel like I am getting nowhere, but then I look back at all my photos of my journey and realise I have come so far!
Remember to always take progress shots!!!
And if you are lacking motivation, always remember why you started, and what it means to you, your kids and your family, for you to become a fit and healthy mummy.
I know to me it means the world to my kids and hubby. I have so much more energy for chasing my little ones around, even after a 10hr day at work!
My goal is to ultimately get down to 60kgs but anything under 65kgs I am happy with. I will keep trying to lose the last 7kgs no matter what!
Never give up ladies, because in 4 weeks, 6 weeks and even 12 weeks’ time, if you give up, you will never get any closer to where you want to be!!!
Keep your head focused and push on!
Amanda xx
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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