Monique loved the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge it helped her lose 3kgs over the 28 days plus more importantly centimetres from her body measurements.
best_ways_to_lose_weightI’m thrilled with the results of my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge – although the scales haven’t gone down as much as I was hoping (I have lost just over 3kg) I have seen a big change especially around my tummy area. I have lost 9cm from my hips and 6cm from my waist.
lose_baby_weightHowever, the biggest change I have found is in my attitude to food – I am loving cooking healthy and nutritious food for my husband and I, the food is delicious and easy to prepare. I’m looking forward to Lose Baby Weight being a long term lifestyle for us and I know the slow but sure results I have been having will be maintainable.
Monique Hearnden

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