This is a yummy and healthy Lose Baby Weight Smoothie recipe that gives you a chocolate fix as well being packed full of nutrition and goodness.
We have included a banana in the Healthy Mummy Smoothie recipe too as they are a great health food.


The healthy eating benefits of bananas

They are packed with dietary fibre, containing 11% of your recommended daily allowance in one serving. Dietary fibre helps to keep your bowel movements regular, as you cannot digest it and so your body needs to get rid of it.
One banana contains 13% of your daily recommended allowance of potassium, making them a great fruit to include in your diet if your potassium levels are low.
Eating enough potassium will help to lower your blood pressure which reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Potassium also helps to neutralise sodium levels in a person’s diet, protecting against brittle bones and enabling proper blood clotting and function of the nervous system. High levels of sodium could cause you to retain water weight, so eating bananas could help you to shed excess water weight.
Bananas also contact a nutrient known as FOS which helps to promote absorption of certain nutrients, such as calcium. Including bananas in your diet could help you to absorb more nutrients from the rest of your food – which has to be a bonus!
The FOS in bananas also helps the healthy bacteria in your stomach and colon to flourish, giving you a stronger dietary tract, enabling you to take in more goodness from your food.
Bananas are also rich in vitamin B6 – one banana contains around 34% of your daily recommended allowance. Vitamin B6 is a very important vitamin and eating foods that are rich in it could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Vitamin B6 is anti-inflammatory, so it could also help to reduce any acute inflammatory conditions you may be experiencing.

Blend for 2-3 minutes
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