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Natasha’s Review

After years of dealing with weight insecurities for years personally, I tried a handful of diets, ones that I felt were too restrictive, too complicated, and felt too unachievable with my current lifestyle.
I am a mother to two beautiful boys, a nearly 4 year old and a 3 month old, I work part time as a registered nurse and midwife (which involves a lot of varied shifts and a lot of juggling with the family, a familiar story I’m sure many mothers can relate to) and I am currently undertaking studies to specialise in breastfeeding and become a certified Lactation Consultant in 2014.
When I became pregnant with my second child, I found myself indulging and gaining 3kg in one week, well above the average healthy pregnancy gain. So I decided to make healthy changes for the next few weeks, and that’s when I found Lose baby weight on Facebook.
I will stress that I was not looking for a product to lose weight during pregnancy, however to look for something that would give me the tools to eat healthy and make a lifestyle change, and that’s when I chose the Lose Baby Weight 28 day plan.
My first impression from their website was wow, so many motivating mothers from all over the country making lifestyle changes. I became in awe after reading countless women’s motivating weight loss stories, all by exercise and healthy eating.

28 day meal & exercise plan

I was reassured when choosing the 28 day plan that it is produced by health professionals with the appropriate qualifications; it consists of a healthy well balanced nutritional plan and an exercise guide that is broken down to be achievable in any mothers daily routine.
28 DayIt is truly a well written book with refreshing healthy yummy images that has now become my bible.
From all the products if you want to change your lifestyle completely, this is a must have, so before starting get rid of the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary, this book will assist you in shedding kilos and also maintain that weight you’ve worked for.
Many diets I’ve found assist in losing weight, but maintaining it is often difficult, and it is also difficult to deliver yummy delicious options that are also family friendly, these meals offer that. I recommend trying each meal, despite your possible hesitation, I found that I personally love brown rice over white, muesli for breakfast with skim milk and steamed broccoli I could easily eat with every dinner.
This lifestyle is highly addictive, I find myself finding ways to make a favourite meal into a healthier version, our family favourite is pita bread pizzas (found in the 28 day meal plan), and the honey soy chicken (found on their website).

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

After having my son 3 months ago, I have now started my journey to losing those last few kilograms gained through pregnancy, and have introduced the healthy mummy smoothies.
SmoothieIf you are looking for a quick meal loaded with nutrients, and accommodating to your individual taste buds, then the smoothies are ideal. I have found them handy to have for lunch and the occasional breakfast; I love the chocolate coconut smoothie and banana mango smoothie.
You will find the smoothies contain a product fenugreek, an ingredient that has been used as a galactogogue to assist mothers with their milk supply when breastfeeding. Although studies have found mixed results, it would be recommended to seek appropriate advice from a lactation consultant or medical officer if at all concerned with supply.

Exercise DVD

This DVD is a terrific resource for mothers. It is specifically designed for post natal mothers, concentrating on your pelvic floor muscles, and makes note of related issues to be aware of.
DVDFor me personally after suffering from a 3rd degree tear during my first and a caesarean with my second, as well as suffering from pubic and pelvic pain during both pregnancies, it was crucial to take specific precautions during these workouts.
Lisa Westlake, the instructor, is a qualified physiotherapist and trained specifically in postnatal exercise, does a brilliant job of outlining these throughout the routines.
I found the DVD handy to pull out and complete one of the 10-15 minute routines when my 3 month old went down for a nap and could occupy the eldest with a small activity, compared to all the effort and money involved to get out the door at this stage and visit a gym.

The healthy spring & summer cookbook and calorie bible

These two products are useful tools in addition to the previous products. The cookbook provides a range of additional recipes and a section designated to tips and recipes on how to get the children involved in meal preparation which I personally think is a great way to teach our young on healthy eating.
Spring SummerMy eldest loves helping with the cooking and is often asking what type of vegetables I’m putting in the meals and asks to taste them raw. Another tip is spending a little extra time in the fruit and vegetable section and pointing out the fruits and vegetables in their original state, not when they are cut up and cooked on their plate.
And lastly, the calorie bible, which is full of products and their calorie content, a useful way to gage how much calories you are consuming. Some items may surprise you and make you mindful whether you are over or under eating. I found the mini size fit easily in the handbag and pull out when out shopping and out and about, as it has a designated section for fast food and coffee shop items for a quick reference when put on the spot to make healthy decisions.
Overall the products are invaluable, Lose Baby Weight are very genuine in helping mummies lose weight and keep it off.
Their support is constantly provided in everything they do, from their individual products with tips and useful information, to their daily emails and inspiring competitions such as the current summer challenge where mums are given the chance to win a prize pack of $500 for losing weight and becoming healthy.
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