Michaela has been motivating and inspiring 100’s of mum’s who have been following her journey while losing baby weight and following the Lose Baby Weight plans and 28 Day Weightloss Challenges. Michaela has been having great success in her second round of the 100 Day Weightloss Challenge and today she is sharing her update.

Nearly a whole month has already past since the 100 Day Challenge kicked off! I cannot believe how quick it is flying by. This month for me has unfortunately been a bit of a shambles, I’m not going to lie. BUT I am getting prepared and ready to make the most of February and get those results I want!
Unlike the last 100 Day Challenge I wasn’t enjoying myself until I made the realisation I was making it into a chore. The one bit of advice I can give to anyone on their journey is to do something you love/enjoy and then those excuses will cease and each day will become easier and more enjoyable.
As I said earlier that about getting prepared and ready for February I am super excited that once again Lose Baby Weight delivered with perfect timing the 7 Day Junk Food Detox (which you can get FREE when you join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge here) It is beyond AMAZING!!! And exactly what I need right now. My results have slowed, from excuses, letting bad habits slip in more than I would like to admit but this is definitely the key to get me back on track.
NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE NEGATIVE NANCY! Here’s to a FABULOUS February filled with positivity, results and no excuses. I know I am worth the hard work and YOU ARE TOO!
My absolute FAVOURITE part about the NEW, improved 100 Day Challenge would definitely have to be the Feel Good Friday’s. I have never pampered myself as much as I have this past month and it has really increased my feelings towards my self worth and given me the relaxation time I need each week to unwind from without getting the usual mummy guilt that goes with it.
I am also absolutely loving all the amazing support each and every one of the beautiful 100 Day Ladies show one another each night in the Daily Check Ins where we all share our ups, downs, wins and progress for the day. It really helps me to keep going each day knowing that I will be checking in with them all and seeing all their incredible achievements. I am also super excited to see the results from everyone by the end of the 100 days.
Last time I checked I was roughly 2kg down but have decided to pack the scales away until the end of the 100 Day Challenge. I am hoping to see the 60’s by the end of the Challenge but for the time being I will go off how I am feeling and how my clothes are fitting.
Now Ladies LET’S SMASH IT!!
Michaela xx
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