Hi everyone,
I am happy to say that I am finally back in the correct mindset for losing weight after having a bad month in April and then two weeks of false starts in May before finally this week getting in the right weight loss frame of mind 🙂

As I mentioned in my last update, my weight has gone up a bit and actually yo-yo’d between 2 and 4kg above my lowest weight of 92.6kg, since start on the Lose Baby Weight Plans and Healthy Mummy Smoothies – which has so far seen me lose over 27kg.

I have now eaten healthy for the last 6 days and been following the meal plan that I wrote up last weekend that incorporated the Lose Baby Weight 3 day cleanse, the 28 Day Plan and trying out for the first time a vast range of smoothies from the Spring and Summer Cookbook. I increase my food intake to suit my current BMR by adding other healthy snacks from the 28 Day Plan.


I am finding having my food planned out for the day is the best way for me to stick to eating healthy and will now continue to meal plan.

In the last 6 days my weight has dropped by about 2kg and I am now 94.3kg so almost back to where I was. I am grateful that my measurements have not increased during this last month and a bit so the weight gain is mostly fluid retention.

I love the support that Lose Baby Weight offers as this has really helped me to continue with my weightloss goals each time I have slipped up. In the past without this support I have given up but this time I keep bouncing back which has helped me lose 27kg this past year and I now feel confident that I will get to my goal of 72kg.

First mini goal at the moment will be to get into the 80s and I will be sure to let you all know when that day arrives and fingers crossed its only a few weeks away 🙂

Mel Briggs

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