Hello Mummies! My name is Mel Briggs and I have a 10month old daughter. This is my first post as a Lose Baby WeighMotivating Mum and I look forward to helping inspire some of you, like other Motivating Mums in here have previously done and still do for me.  I also look forward to sharing my ‘work in progress’ with you.
I am 174cm tall and unfortunately began my pregnancy already overweight at about 97/98kg and ended up putting on about another 22/23kg by the end of my pregnancy. I imagine even at a healthy weight the end of pregnancy is difficult but I found being 120.5kg (BMI 39.8) on the day my daughter was born was extremely hard especially as I had done no exercise whatsoever during my pregnancy, something I will not make the mistake of doing next time around.
I ended up having an emergency caesarean and so the first two months following my daughter’s birth I didn’t worry too much about my weight. Once I could start walking comfortably and could walk longer distances and I realised my weight loss had stalled after losing the initial baby and fluid weight, I knew I needed to start thinking about getting healthy as being this much overweight was so difficult and I don’t want to go through my next pregnancy being as big as I was this last time.


I initially was watching my calorie intake and eating healthy, while allowing an extra 500/day for breastfeeding and would go for walks pushing the pram around the block anywhere from half an hour to an hour long about 4 or 5 times a week. This was going well and I went from 112kg to 101kg over the next few months but then lost my way in the later part of last year and this saw my weight creep up to 106.7kg just after Christmas.
I had already ‘liked’ the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Page after discovering it through other mummy friends and had been following some of the weight loss success stories over the previous months and using this as inspiration toward my own weight loss. Then in December 2013 during the time my weight loss had fallen by the wayside I saw an advertisement for the ‘Eat, Move, Lose Challenge’ so signed up, decided to buy some Healthy Mummy Smoothies and a friend had leant me a copy of the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan Book to try out some recipes to get me started. I loved the book so much that I bought my own copy about one week later.
So on the 30th December 2013, I began using the Lose Baby Weight Plans, weighing 106.1kg (BMI 38.9). Now having just finished my first 2 months on the plans I weigh 96.2kg (BMI 31.8). The first few kilos came off quickly as they were probably just extra fluid retention from too many ‘naughty’ foods at Christmas time and my 30th birthday which was a few weeks prior to Christmas but the rest of the weight loss has been from hard work and healthy eating.  Even more incredible is the changes I have seen to my measurements. Previously I have never really measured myself regularly but have found this is a very useful tool to keep me motivated, especially in the last few weeks when I haven’t seen much movement on the scales but have seen massive differences in my measurements.
weight Loss
My measurements since 30th December:
30/12/13 3/3/14 Lost (in 9wks)

  • Weight 106.1kg 96.2kg 9.9kg
  • Bust 126cm 106cm 20cm
  • Chest 98.5cm 87cm 11.5cm
  • Waist 105cm 89cm 16cm
  • Belly 115cm 100cm 15cm
  • Hips 119cm 105cm 14cm
  • Butt 105cm 96cm 9cm
  • Thigh 74.5cm 66.5cm 8cm
  • Arm 39cm 34cm 4cm

At present I use the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch as it is simple to make and I know it is nutritious. My snacks and dinners I pick and choose from the 28 Day Meal Plan and my husband and I now have some new favourite meals, especially the Thai Beef and Thai Chicken Salads. As my fitness has improved over this last 9 weeks, I have built up to now exercising 6 times a week which includes gym classes, weights and walking (or attempting to run!) and I am loving it especially now that I have some other mummy friends joined up to the gym and we workout together ☺
Mel Wasist
To date I have lost 24.3kg since I had my daughter in April 2013 and this brings me under my pre pregnancy weight, so now I’m into the ‘non baby weight’ weight loss territory. The last 3 weeks since getting back to pre-pregnancy weight has been a bit of a mental hurdle that I need to overcome to reach my goals. I hope that by being a Motivating Mum that not only can I help many of you with your weight loss, health and fitness goals but also to help me push past this hurdle as this is where I have failed in the past and so this time I want to and will succeed.
My long term goal is to reach 72kg (BMI 23.8) and then reassess to see how I feel at that weight now that I am older and have had a baby so body shape has changed a bit. I may not reach this ultimate goal prior to falling pregnant next time around but in the meantime this is the goal I am working towards.
All the best to you all and I hope that this year we all become a healthier, fitter, happier versions of ourselves ☺
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