Mel Briggs has lost an amazing 18kgs with Lose Baby Weight and shares how she is going to tackle August and prepare delicious meals from the 28 Day Challenge.
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Hi Ladies,
It has been a little while since I have last written a ‘Motivating Mum blog update as I really have struggled to keep up my own motivation in the last few months.
For those of you who don’t know, I had my daughter in April 2013 and went from 112.6kg (or 120.5kg on the day of her birth) to 92.6kg at the end of March 2014 following the Lose Baby Weight Program and having Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch.
Along the way I had some ups and downs with my motivation and weight loss but I was so proud of my achievements as I got to 5kg under my pre pregnancy weight. Since March though, I have had a string of things that I have let hinder my weight loss so I have stagnated between about 94kg-97kg.
I decided that enough is enough, as I keep seeing so many other ladies having fantastic successes over this same amount of time and I wish that I too could have had the same successes so that I could be closer to my goal of 72kg. So, it is time for a change. I have dubbed August ‘Achieving August’ and I want to make this month count!
So today is the 10th of August. I started concentrating on my weight loss again on the 1st of August and weighed in at 96.7kg. One week down and I weighed in at 94.6kg.  Although most of this weight loss would have been getting rid of any fluid retention, it is good to see those numbers coming down.
This month I am focusing on eating well, drinking at least 2-3L of water per day and sticking to my scheduled exercise sessions. I have recently started doing weights twice a week so that will help to build up muscle and speed up my metabolism too.
I am enjoying having this motivation back and to keep me on track, I make sure that I make a food plan for the week and stick to it. When I go food shopping I buy all the groceries I need for the week based on my food plan so that I have everything I need ready to go. I also prepare over the weekend my lunchboxes for work, as I work three days a week. So that it has all my snacks ready to go for me to eat whilst at work.
28 DayIn the morning of my work days, I make my breakfast (either cereal or a smoothie) and make my lunch time Healthy Mummy Smoothie and I am all set until dinner time. For dinner I have made my food plan from healthy and delicious recipes from either the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan, the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or the Lose Baby Weight website . I love having so many healthy recipes to choose from so that I never get bored. My husband is enjoying so many of the recipes too and once my daughter is old enough she will be able to join in with more of our meals as well.
For the rest of this month, I am hoping to keep on track with my eating and make sure I drink plenty of water. These are the key to weight loss but one that I keep failing at, but I will get there. I am determined to keep on going and I will get there. I will write another blog shortly to keep everyone informed how I am going with getting back on track.
To close out I want to share a quote that I have just come across which I realise is quite often why I have struggled to keep going with my weight loss having lost 26kg and still having 22kg to go.
“The reason why people give up is because they focus on how far they have to go instead of how far they have come”.
Keep going ladies, we will all get there!
Mel Briggs
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