Motivating Mum Mel Briggs shares her tips for staying focused for the month with Lose Baby Weight.
Fantastic work Mel!!!
Hi Ladies,
My name is Mel, many of you would already know me as I was a Motivating Mum earlier in the year and I have recently become an Admin on the Facebook private group forum The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Support Group’.
Well I am pleased to say that after a number of months of maintaining my weight and hovering over the same few kilos I am now back into weight loss mode and ready to keep working away towards my goal weight.
After going from 112.6kg post pregnancy in May 2013 (120.5kg at full term) and getting down to 92.9kg by end of March 2014 I had a few hiccups with injury and illness and then couldn’t regain the momentum to continue losing weight for a number of months since then.
However, instead of going back entirely to my old ways, I tried to continue eating healthy, making recipes from Lose Baby Weight including delicious new recipes from the 28 Day Challenges, continued being an active member on the Facebook support group and kept up my exercise routine, including recently adding weight training.
Due to this I have been able to maintain my weight between 94-97kg for most of this year and have actually still noticed a reduction in my measurements even though my weight is slightly higher. Maintaining my weight is actually a huge achievement for me, as my old eating habits meant that I always gained weight if I was not actively trying to lose weight, so this is a new thing I have learnt to do this year even though it would have been nice to be further along in my weight loss by now.
At the beginning of October, after trying unsuccessfully for a few months to get back into weight loss mode rather than maintenance mode, I finally got that motivation to get into it again, yippee!! Weight loss for me is such a mental battle and I need to be in the right headspace to ensure I have the will power to not give in to all the naughty foods my body is so used to eating and tends to crave. Now, is finally the time that I am in the right headspace again.
I gave myself a few ground rules for the month, these were:

  • Meal plan for the week ahead
  • Record food daily and stick within recommended calorie requirement
  • Drink 3l of water per day
  • Stick to my exercise routine
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • No chocolate, biscuits, cake, ice cream, soft drink

So we are now halfway through October and I am doing really well. I have had a few little naughty treats but this is rare and limited to say one biscuit or a spoonful of hubby’s ice cream. My other rules for the month are being stuck to, and it is such a great feeling to feel in control once again.
I started this month weighing 94.7kg and as of today, halfway through the month I am weighing in at 91.5kg (a loss of 3.2kg). This brings my total weight loss to 21.1kg (or 29kg since full term pregnancy.
I am really looking forward to reporting back to you again at the end of this month and hoping that this will finally be the month I break into the 80s with my weight.
Have a great remainder of the month ladies!
Mel Briggs x
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