The fantastic Mel Briggs has lost an incredible 22.4kgs with Lose Baby Weight and now fits back into her wedding dress.
Well done Mel!!!
Hi Mummies,
I had a fantastic October in regard to my weight loss and looking forward to November and the November 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
In October I got back on track with my weight loss after a number of months with average motivation and trying to maintain my weight rather than putting on weight like I tend to have done many times in the past when I lose motivation.

My weight this month went from 94.7kg at the beginning of the month to 90.2kg by the end of the month, a loss of 4.5kg. I also lost 17cm across 7 measurements over my body. I have now lost 22.4kg and 196cm since starting to use the Lose Baby Weight plans and I have just passed the 30kg mark in weight loss from my full term pregnancy weight. I am now 7-8kg under my pre pregnancy weight.

Although I didn’t quite get under the 90kg mark like I had aimed for, I did have a non scale achievement! Coming up in the next few days is my 4th wedding anniversary and I am quite close in weight to my wedding day weight so thought that I would try on my wedding dress. Ever since our wedding day, my weight has increased so even prior to having my daughter I would not have been able to fit back into my wedding dress prior to now. However I am very excited to discover that my wedding dress fits again! This is such a huge milestone for me and now I can look forward to reaching my next milestone of getting back to the size I was when I first met my husband. This is another 10kg away but I will get there.
This month I look forward to finally getting into the 80s with my weight and continuing to work on breaking away from my bad habits of emotional eating, eating too many naughty foods like cake, chocolate and biscuits and having too much of the naughty foods when I do eat it.
I am good with following the Lose Baby Weight plans but on top of the plans I also have the extra naughty snacks which make my calorie intake too much and this hinders my weight loss progress. Last month the key to my success was cutting out and cutting down on these but near the end of the month I felt this slipping again. So this month I need to keep at it and working towards my new healthier lifestyle and creating new healthy habits.
So this month my goals are:

  • Make some healthy snacks from the Guilt-Free Chocolate Treats and Baking Cookbook from and portion size them so as not to eat too much at once
  • Meal Plan and eat enough calories with healthy food to meet my daily requirement as per the BMR Calculator to ensure I don’t make up the remaining calories with unhealthy foods
  • Record my food intake, even on my bad days to prevent my eating getting out of control
  • Drink 3 litres of water each day
  • Try new meals from the November 28 Day Challenge to add variety to our meal plans

I will report back again in about a fortnight and let you know how I am all going.
Good luck mummies with the November Challenge and remember that even if you fall of the wagon with your weight loss, you can always get back on and keep working towards your goals. Keep persisting and you will get there, even if it is a slow process like mine is.
Mel Briggs
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