Hi Mummies! I am Martine, a 31-year-old mother to a 3-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter.
I am very honoured and excited to be one of the Lose Baby Weight Motivating Mums for the month of February.
I will be sharing my journey of weight loss, exercise, and good food, helping to motivate you and inspire you as best I can. So here is a little bit of my story so far…
In 2011 I gave birth to my first child, a gorgeous little boy who totally rocked my world. What was totally not rocking my world was the very reality that I had put on 33kgs while pregnant with him. It was so easy to let it all go and eat whatever I wanted and do absolutely no exercise. The no exercise was foreign for me as I have always been really into my sports and so active.
The ‘she’ll be right’ attitude that I took on hit me like a tonne of bricks after I had Ethan when I realised how much I had gained and how many clothes didn’t fit…not even close.
At my 6-week post partum check up I had already dropped 20kgs, which was unbelievable. A good 10kgs little man contributed with all of the other belly contents and then the other 10 seemed to start falling off. I can’t say that it was falling off on its own though.
Before I had Ethan I was the fittest I had been in a long time and had been weight training 2-3 days per week and eating really clean good food. I wanted to try get back to doing this but was also searching for an alternative to the protein shakes that I was consuming pre pregnancy & something safe for me to have while breastfeeding.
So I turned to my friend Google and I found the Lose Baby Weight plans. I had a look at all the plans on offer and spoke to my husband about them and I decided to give it a go.
As a Mum with an extremely hectic lifestyle I often found it hard to prepare meals, reach for something not so healthy but quick, not eat at all or hit the sugar from feeling so tired. I also went back to full time work when Ethan was 11 weeks old, which added even more to my plate.
I was SO excited about my Lose Baby Weight pack that I had ordered. I decided there was no point procrastinating so I ordered the biggest pack possible with a few different flavoured shakes, the pink bible and so on. It couldn’t get to my post box quick enough! I started following the website, reading the newsletters, testimonials, creating my own smoothies, making meals suggested by the team and I was on my way to getting rid of that 13 odd kgs that were still lingering.
Exercise wise I was on the go a lot with work, which was a good start. I always made an effort to get out walking with the pram about 4-6 mornings a week around my hilly suburb, even if just for 30 mins. I went back to boxing, did some weight training, played tennis & swimming. I did whatever I could do stay active. For me I have always found I get best results mixing it up and doing a range of different activities.
Another way to get me moving is to have a goal in mind. My goal at the time was to look and feel great in my wedding dress! I had 17 months from when my son was born to get rid of the weight and fit into my dream dress.
I was 80kgs when I fell pregnant first time and got to 113kgs (this was my weight the day I had Ethan), by the time my wedding had come around I got down to 79kgs and after that continued to shed another 4 bringing me down to 75kgs. I felt amazing, I even think I looked amazing and the best I had in a very long time! Lose Baby Weight gave me the confidence and the tools to be able to lose weight safely and steadily over this time along with simplifying my life with easy to throw together smoothies and recipes. In centimeters I had lost around 40cm from bum, legs, hips & waist.
I am now 3 months post baby #2 and put on only 15kgs while pregnant with Ellie (I think I can thank 19 weeks of horrendous morning sickness). I was back up to 81kgs when I found out I was pregnant thanks to a very indulgent few months with Christmas, New Years and holidays. I am now sitting at 87kgs from there anything is a bonus of course staying within my healthy weight range for my 5’10 figure!
Over the next month I will be here with all of you who have decided to or are still deciding on taking the Lose Baby Weight journey. As mentioned above I hope I can help motivate you, inspire you, share as many photos and recipes with you.  Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest and share with your friends!
Martine Harris x

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