lose_baby_weightWhen I fell pregnant I was shocked by how tired and unmotivated I became. Depressed by my lack of energy I turned to the ice cream tub and gained 18kgs – only 6 of those came off initially with the birth of my baby!
I stumbled across the Lose Baby Weight site on a google search whilst still pregnant and was very grateful for the information on how to safely combine breastfeeding and weight loss. When my son, Dominic was only a few days old I introduced one Healthy Mummy smoothie a day into my diet and followed the Lose Baby Weight tips for other healthy meals.
I had a few fingers of muscle separation from pregnancy and couldn’t do any high impact exercise or sit ups but I made sure I got out for lots of long pram walks and also did pilates with a physio. The weight fell off steadily but after a couple of months I hit a bit of a weight loss plateau and so at this point upped my smoothies to 2 a day.
They were soooo convenient and delicious – when you have a little one it is great to not have to think about what you’re having for breakfast and lunch each day. Never at any time did I have any problems with milk supply either and my little man was a real guzzle guts.
Dominic is 8 months old now and whilst I haven’t stayed on the plans all that time I continue to be motivated by the daily tips. Recently I was worried about putting weight on when I went back to work and gave up breastfeeding so I got back on the smoothies and now I actually weigh 1 kilo less than my pre pregnancy weight.
I have all my old energy levels back (goodness knows I need them!) and I feel fantastic. Thank you so much Rhian and the lose baby weight team! xx
The pictures are of me about 3 days after the birth and then with Dominic at 8 months (taken yesterday)
Cheers, Martha Tudor
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