I would like to send an update with my weight loss after losing 7kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans.
I have been using healthy mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch most of the time, I don’t really do exercise at the moment as I am full on just to look after a 28 month old and 7 month old boys, however I still have lost weight.
It has been a slow weight loss journey for me..from 65kg on September 2013 to 58 kg today. 5 more kg and I will reach my goal weight. As long as I am losing a lil bit every month I won’t give up as a little weight loss is better than nothing at all.
So from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for helping me and all the mums like me who wants to change their life and be the person that they want to be.
Thank you lost baby weight for your program creation that is helping hundreds/thousands of mother.
Kind regards,
Maris Flores
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