We have been INNUNDATED with amazing weight loss stories for our March Weight Loss Mum of the month – and it was an REALLY tough decision on picking a winner for the $250 Myer voucher.
But we had to pick one winner and this month the winner is Kristy Boyce!! Congratulations Kristy!!  You can read Kristy’s story below and also as there were so many amazing entries we are going to showcase 3 runner ups to the weight loss mum of the month too over the coming week and these fantastic mums will each get a $100 voucher for doing so well!

Kirsty Boyce – March Weight Loss Winner

“After the birth of my first daughter I was left feeling fat, ugly, tired & depressed. I had just become a first time mother & found I could only focus on her, and her alone. Everything else was too hard. I was diagnosed with PND & had a hard time just dealing & getting through daily life.
When my daughter was 6 months old I looked at a photo my mother in law had taken and I wanted to die. I didn’t even recognize myself at first. That. Was. It.
I went on to successfully loose 16kgs & felt better than I ever had! We decided to try for baby #2 & because my husband is in the Navy & my struggles to fall pregnant the first time, we thought it would take ages. First go & we were blessed. We welcomed our second beautiful daughter into the world in April 2011.
I happily bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight bar 3kgs which I thought would come off easily. I continued to watch what I ate, but slowly, & slowly the weight crept back up as I tried to deal with having 2 girls under 3 on my own most of the time & coming to terms with the traumatic arrival of my 2nd baby girl.
We recently moved interstate over Christmas & I was stressed, tired & just let myself go. I could feel myself doing it but kept pressing that emotion down, deeper down so I couldn’t face it anymore….I kept feeding myself excuses… “it’s Christmas!” “we’re moving” etc.
Once we got settled in to our new home I contacted Rhian from Lose Baby Weight & bit the bullet. I knew I could do this.
Rhian has been the most supportive person. I can email her about anything & she is so helpful & always willing to listen. Her love & support goes above & beyond & I think that is a major contribution into why us mums are so successful at losing our baby weight! Rhian knows we can do it!
In March I have lost 4.7kgs…. and easily! The food is freaking amazing – even my husband & girls love it too! I have found myself excited to try new recipes & feel so good in myself! This morning I jumped on the scales & found another 400g gone… and it isn’t even hard! I don’t feel like I am on a “diet”.
I’ve set my final goal weight a little lower this time than before, which is exciting. But I am setting mini goals first & along the way find myself so proud that I have reached that small milestone.
I have another few kilos to go but I know I can & WILL do this. I feel a million bucks already!
Thank you Rhian, for allowing my to start the journey of finding myself again, not as a wife or mum, but as me. A happy, healthy, confident woman. You are the best!!”
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Kirsty Boyce x