healthy_eatingThere’s something about weekends and brunch that just works so well together. In our house, brunch is definitely more ‘breakfast’ than ‘lunch’ with an early bird nine month old who needs his morning sleep by 9.45am.
None the less, heading out with the family for a bite to eat is a great way to start the weekend.
The brunch menu however can be a bit of a minefield for those trying to lose weight or stick to a healthy eating plan.
Syrup laden french toast, crispy bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce are just a few of the options available and it’s very easy to blow your entire days calories on the one meal.
So what’s a girl (or guy) to do? Losing weight shouldn’t be about deprivation (we all know that that doesn’t work) and avoiding things like brunch, takeaway or special meals out will only end up railroading your weight loss in the long run.
It’s entirely possible to enjoy occasions like the above, without compromising your healthy eating and weight loss plans. It all comes down to choosing the right meal and balancing it with your intended food intake for the rest of the day.
For example, if you’re planning on eating breakfast out, you might consider a Healthy Mummy smoothie for lunch and a lighter dinner.
If you were heading out for dinner, a Healthy Mummy smoothie for breakfast and lunch would fill your tummy with all the necessary nutrients to fuel your day, but leave with enough room in the calorie department to enjoy your special dinner.

The following are great options for a delicious, but waistline friendly brunch
  • Love your eggs? Poached eggs on a low GI bread like wholegrain sourdough or rye is a sensational option for those watching their weight. The eggs provide necessary protein to fill you up, while grainy bread is packed with complex carbs for sustained energy. Add a side of wilted spinach to up the nutrient content of the meal.
  • Buddies with the big breakfast? The standard big breakfast is not only big in size, it also clocks in a very big serve of calories. Your best bet? Switch to the vegetarian option for all the yumminess, but with less calories. Ask for your eggs poached, avoid things like hash browns or crispy potatoes and stick with wholegrain instead of white toast. Sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach and roast tomato do come with decent amounts of oil but also pack a decent nutrient punch so enjoy them but perhaps choose two of the three options or enjoy a small amount of each.
  • Sweet tooth? Pancakes and french toast can be tricky. Usually made with lashings of butter and sugar and topped with syrup, they can be a bit of a blowout item. If your local cafe serves buckwheat pancakes, you can ask for them served with fresh fruit and yoghurt (with syrup on the side) as opposed to things like sugared berries and cream. Alternatively, opt for a yummy artisan type bread with ricotta, banana and cinnamon. A similar taste but without all the sugar.
  • Freshly squeezed. A big glass of frothy orange juice is ubiquitous with brunch. We’re all probably aware however that juice isn’t always the greatest option when watching our weight. While it contains loads of super nutrients, the whole fruit is generally a better, healthier alternative. Abstaining from juice however, especially during the warmer months and when at a cafe isn’t necessary. If you’re a fan of the fruit juice, ask for it to be freshly squeezed (bottled juice has even less nutrients and all the sugar) and try a mix of veggies and fruit. The veggies will add vitamins and lower calories and taste delicious when mixed with your fave fruits.
  • Sneaky servings. The one thing you’ve probably noticed is how large the serving sizes are at your local cafe or restaurant. While we haven’t reached American sized portions yet, it’s fair to say that you’re being served more than you’d make for yourself. The solution? Split your meal with your partner or a friend, ask the waitstaff how big the serving is prior to ordering and request less, or just monitor how much you’ve eaten and stop when your tummy tells you. You don’t have to clear your plate!

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