With Father’s Day approaching this weekend plan to make the day really special for the Dads in your life.
Whether it’s you and your children saying thank you to your partner or you spending time with your own Dad or Father in law, make the day really memorable by organising some fun and healthy family time.

1) Get Together

Get the whole family together – it could be three of you, six of you or a whole team of family members. Make plans to spend time with the family. Share a healthy meal together or meet up at the park and throw around a footy or play a game of cricket.
Many Dads just want to spend time with their children and family members, they don’t need expensive presents.

2) Get Up & Out

Let your partner or Dad have a little extra time in bed in the morning but then get him up for a morning walk. If the weather is good head to the beach for a quick walk in the sand, breathing in the ocean air (it’s so good for relaxing and clearing your mind) or just walk to the park and then a local cafe for a cup of tea.

3) Time Out

Give your partner or Dad some time to himself to do something he loves doing. Allowing everyone some time during the day to relax, read a book, sit in the sun or have a quick cat nap is good for all.
Taking the time to stop, calm yourself and chill out is really good for your health as it prevents stress hormones from building up in your body which can prevent successful weight loss.
Dad will love a cup of tea and a healthy afternoon treat like those you can find in the Challenge Recipe Hub to allow him some time for himself.

4) After Meal Time

After a long (but healthy!) Father’s Day lunch or dinner, get everyone out for a walk around the neighbourhood. Get the kids on their bikes or in the pram and all enjoy some time together, being fit and having fun.
Spending dedicated time together as a family is so nice and really important but we often forget to do it regularly as we have so many things to think about and responsibilities to uphold.
Special days like Father’s Day are a great opportunity to take the time to be together and remember the important things in life!
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads x
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