The Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight philosophy is all about healthy living. It is NOT about short term and drastic weight loss.
And as such we thought it would be a fantastic way to promote this healthy living philosophy to introduce Healthy Mummy Weight Loss Maintenance Mums of the Month
This is off the back of our hugely successful and popular Motivating Mum of the Month segments we run and we believe will give all the mums in ‘maintenance mode’ an opportunity to be inspired, motivated and be given help in their day to day healthy living – as well as still being of inspiration to 1’000’s of other mums just starting their journey.
Maintenance mode mum
So leading on from this we are DELIGHTED to announce that we are now calling out for October Weight Loss Maintenance Mums
The Mums who are selected to be our Weight Loss Maintenance Mums in August will be inspiring and motivating thousands of other mums maintain and reach their weight loss goals – as well as keeping themselves accountable.

So what’s involved?

You need to have achieved your weight loss using the Healthy Mummy Plans (28 Day Weight Loss Challenges or Healthy Mummy Smoothies or our other plans and books) and be to continuing to use the Challenges and/or Smoothies as a maintenance plan or just to make cooking easier!
You will then have a list of Maintenance Mum duties to perform over the month which involve sharing your exercise, recipes and smoothie photos across various social media and we will outline this in your Maintenance Mum duties document if you are selected

What is in it for you?

If you are selected you will be sent 2 Healthy Mummy Smoothies and the Chocolate Guilt Free Cookbook
Please enter all your details below and we can’t wait to have you on board!!
If you are selected we will be in contact via email by the end of September, unfortunately, due to the volume of entries, we are unable to contact all entrants individually.