Hello lovely mummies, I have lost 13kg* with Lose Baby Weight.
Can you believe that we are half way through July! I’m loving being one of your maintenance mums for this month and I hope I am helping in some way to encourage you that Lose Baby Weight is a lifestyle choice FOR GOOD and not a fad diet.
Lose Baby Weight - 12kg Loss
The July challenge has got off to a great start for me. I love how affordable the challenge is and that I can customise my meals to suit the whole family.
My favorite meal so far has been the Moroccan Beef Tagine which I cooked in the slow cooker and the meat was just falling apart. My husband and kids loved this too.
There are so many great challenge recipes that the whole family love which makes it so much easier for me to cook!!
I’m still enjoying my smoothies for breakfast and even sometimes lunch! I love that after two years I am still not sick of them!
They are so versatile, quick and filling and they have been my saving grace when running out the door for work. Thank goodness for a healthy nutritious breakfast on the run!
healthy eating meal plans
My aim for this challenge has been to ensure that I’m moving daily. My aim has been to get to the gym at least 4 times in the week.
I have been doing a mix of Body Pump, Body Balance, CRX and Pilates at the gym. I’m trying to challenge myself each time to improve my fitness.
I’m enjoying being outdoors and active with the kids and they are loving it too.
My daughter and I get our bikes out on the weekend and go for big rides and she just loves it. We have also been enjoying big walks together in the outdoors.
I have been trying to find new walking tracks to keep it interesting for them!
The challenge exercises have been great on the days that the weather is horrible or I can’t get to the gym. I love how they can be broken up and done throughout the day. Hopefully my fitness test will improve each week!
Lose Baby Weight-13kg Loss

My Tips For This Month Are

  • Fit exercise in wherever you can!! If it means doing 10 squats here and there, parking the car as far away from the shops as you can so you have to walk further or doing some tricep dips at the park – EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!!
  • Make double of everything and freeze it. I made double of most recipes this week and they are in the freezer for those times when I don’t have time to cook.
  • As a busy working mum, my tip would be to plan as much as possible. I spend an hour on a Friday night planning what we will eat for the week, do my food shopping on a Saturday and Sunday I cook cook cook! This keeps me on track and stops me from grabbing food that I shouldn’t.
  • Involve the kids with your cooking as much as possible. This really has been a big part of why my children are such good eaters!

Good luck to everyone this month and I hope I can continue to motivate and inspire you daily!
Kimberley x

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