Hi Mums! I have lost 35kgs* using the Lose Baby Weight plans and products.
I – like most mums – will tell you that losing weight can be hard; it’s a constant mental battle of the scales, measurements, habits, willpower and motivation.
Lose Baby Weight-35kg Loss

Once the weight has gone and the maintenance stage begins, the same battles can remain. I have been maintaining my weight for the last nine months and meal planning has been a very important tool in ensuring I stay on track and within budget – and it also helps to keep mealtimes interesting.
I recently posted about my meal planning in the Lose Baby Weight private Facebook group and the positive response from other mums was wonderful so I thought I would share how I have been theming our evening meals.

Monday is Meatless Monday

As the name suggests, I opt for vegetarian dishes for dinner. Quiche, omelettes, curries, stir fries and risotto are all family favourites and on my Monday menu.

Tuesday is Taco Tuesday

This is a day for all things Mexican mostly because it is my absolute favourite type of food. I choose from tacos, nachos, Mexican lasagne, enchiladas, chimichangas or burritos all with a side of rice and salad.

Wednesday is What’s New Wednesday

This is my night for trying a new recipe either from the 28-Day Challenge or Lose Baby Weight website.

Thursday is Takeaway Thursday

This is the night I give average takeaway a healthy homemade makeover. I love making burgers from the Lose Baby Weight website or 28-Day Challenge, two-ingredient pizza, satay chicken skewers, butter chicken and open souvlaki.
Lose Baby Weight-35kg Loss

Friday is Frozen Friday

This is the night I get to use the meal portions I’ve had tucked away in the freezer for a while. I generally have quite a few to choose from and the kids really like helping themselves to my secret stash of meals.

Saturday is SssssSaturday

Evening meals on a Saturday all start with an ‘S’. My kids love this one as they are always coming up with new things we can have. Our favourites include soup, sandwiches, salad, steak, stir fry and sausage rolls.

Sunday is Breakfast Dinner

This is our favourite night of the week because it is quick and it means we get to eat breakfast for dinner. The blueberry pancakes from the Guilt-Free Baking Book are a common Sunday dinner, as are baked beans, porridge, scrambled eggs, toast and fruit salad.
healthy eating meal plans
The best thing about themed nights is that you can design them to suit your family’s budget and tastes. I freeze leftover portions from most of our dinners or I save them for the next day’s lunch. For those mums who like some direction when planning their family meals, theme nights work really well.
This month I’ve also been really focused on ensuring my water intake has been around the 3L mark.
As the weather has been so cold I’ve been drinking a lot of herbal teas and not a lot of plain water which has meant I’ve been getting quite thirsty. To try and combat this I’ve bought a 1L water bottle which I’ve been aiming to empty by lunchtime and then again by bedtime – and it’s been working!
By having a visual reminder it has really helped and I feel myself grabbing my water bottle before putting the kettle on.
I’ve loved being a Lose Baby Weight Maintenance Mum this month.
Bring on the August 28-Day Challenge and let’s end winter with a bang!
Jodie xx

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