Hello Again lovelies, I am one of your maintenance mums for July and I have lost 26kg* with Lose Baby Weight.
Half way through July already! How time flies by so fast. This mid month blog I would like to talk about some of the most important tips I have learnt along my journey.
Lose Baby Weight-26kg Loss
One of the most important thing I have learnt is to ,always be prepared!
Being prepared with help you avoid being stuck in those horrible situations that allow you to choose the less than optimal choice.
I always have snacks in the freezer. I do big batch cook ups every week and store them in the freezer.
This has help me avoid nasty binge eating. In the beginning alongside the challenge exercises, I also incorporated walking into my daily exercise routine.
With a 5 month old baby I found this a fantastic way for her sleep in the pram, whilst I achieved some exercise.
As the weight disappeared and I noticed improvement in my fitness, I began to jog and from there built up to running. I have gone from absolutely HATING running to LOVING it!
It took a while to build up to running and I utilised the App called Couch to 5 km (C25K). It is a great tool that helps build up stamina for those unable to run to being able to achieve running 5km distance.
I now run about 4 times per week averaging 4-5km and am currently aiming to run 10km fun runs in the upcoming months.
I have aimed to incorporate a minimum of 30-40 minutes of exercise daily.
best ways to lose weight
This can range from a walk with the family and our dog, to hiking, running, circuits and the Lose Baby Weight  DVD.
The challenge exercises and Lose Baby Weight DVD are fantastic as they provide an option to conduct exercise in your own home, where you don’t have to participate in exercises with complete strangers or be exposed to the weathers elements, in fact these options can be done whist your still in our PJs!
They are great for time poor mums who get interrupted constantly by their gorgeous children.
The main objective is to stay active something is better than nothing. When you repeat something over and over again you can form a habit and it’s important to remember that you can create good habits.
Exercise is now a habit in our household as it’s something we do every day.
I have now come to a point in my journey that I have shifted my focus from weight loss to focusing on achieving fitness orientated goals and physical toning.
Since starting with Lose Baby Weight I have lost 26 kg* but it’s what I have gained that I am truly grateful for.
I have gained respect and love for myself and my body, I have gained a happier marriage, I have gained self-confidence and self-worth, I have gained valuable knowledge regarding how best to fuel my body (and the family’s body’s) with nutritious foods but most importantly I have gained self-belief.
If you are reading this and doubting that you could be the next success story… STOP… because anybody has the ability to achieve greatness with the help of Lose Baby Weight and just a little bit of belief in yourself.
What are you waiting for???
Start your healthy lifestyle NOW!
Much love Claire xx

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