Alicia Franklin is a busy mum of two who has been able to lose pregnancy weight with the help of the Lose Baby Weight plans
Lish says a big thank you to Lose Baby Weight for the awesome weight loss plans and 28 day challenge and the supportive women on the Facebook Support Group

‘I have never felt or looked as good as I do!’

Well done Lish, it looks like healthy eating and exercise agrees with you – you look fantastic!
‘I weighed over 80kg’s after the birth of my second daughter in August 2013.
I had lost a bit of weight in the first few months by using the Lose Baby Weight recipes from the website and with the success of that weight loss I decided to step it up a notch.
I recorded my stats on the website tracking tool and bought my first Healthy Mummy Smoothie pack and the Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.
I absolutely love starting my day with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie and with so many recipes to try, breakfast is never boring!
The DVD is fantastic as it is broken into short sessions so you can do throughout the day, or in one burst.
Combining the DVD with regular walks (which turned into runs), my fitness levels increased dramatically and I completed my first ever fun run at the Mother’s Day Classic – running a whole 8km!
By August this year I was down in the early 60kg’s and needed that extra challenge with my exercise and some new ideas for recipes, so I joined the September 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. What a fantastic challenge it was!
There were quick, fresh and exciting meal ideas for all the family. Exercises that you can do in your own backyard, down at the playground or at home once the kids have gone to bed.
I am now 59.5kg, and I cannot believe the person I have become.
I have so much more energy to run around with the kids, I love trying new foods from the Healthy Mummy cookbooks and challenges, and I’m now a good role model for my two girls.
Thank you so much Lose Baby Weight for giving me the tools and support to lead a fun and healthy lifestyle!’
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