Well here I am, halfway through my month as a Motivating Mummy of May and I have to say it has been my best month yet since starting my journey last December.
My motivation is at an all time high, in the past I have struggled a bit, 3 good weeks, 2 bad ones, another few good ones but this challenge being focused on the belly is really giving me the big push to make a change and I’m loving it.
Lose Baby Weight-15 kgs Loss
When I first sat down and decided that this was it, it was time to get fit and healthy I signed up for another very well known, very popular 12 week online fitness program.
The meals looked ok, but they were small and not things my kids would eat.
The exercise was great to start with, a real shock to the system which is what I was looking for and during the first week I dropped 3kgs but as the weeks went on I started to be consumed by the program, always counting every calorie so I didn’t go over the 1200, struggling to fit in an hour workout around the kids and housework and everything else on my plate, never getting time to search through the online community or really connecting with anyone.
I was always hungry, always rushed, always annoyed about having to cook separate meals for everyone and by week 4 I bombed.
I look back at that compared to now and I am so thankful for finding Lose Baby Weight and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies!!
There are no separate meals at night, my kids absolutely love the majority of the meals, my previously super fussy miss 6 even got stuck into a chicken and mushroom filo parcel last week and declared it her new favourite when 6 months ago she would make herself gag if I even mentioned trying a vegetable.
My 18 month old is crazy for smoothies, every morning he will have a mini version of whatever smoothie I have and is just the best eater now.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
Instead of going to bed every night starving, hoping I had done enough to see a loss on the scales and waking up to disappointment because they hadn’t budged I’m now going to bed super full, usually thinking ‘oh man I ate so much delicious food today, the scales are going to look so bad tomorrow’ and I wake up to a surprising loss!
This program has completely changed the way my life is, I can eat amazing food and lots of it, I can have guilt free chocolate treats, I can do a few 10 minute exercise sessions during the day and the weight is just falling off.
So far 9 days into the May Belly Buster Challenge I have lost 1.4kgs and an awesome 6cms around my waist.
I haven’t changed my exercise much, I do the daily challenge workout, some days I fit in 10 minutes of the Lose Baby Weight DVD and I do weights at the gym 3 days a week, when I write it down it feels like next to nothing, it still astounds me that with the right food I don’t need to be doing 2 hours of cardio a day to see results.
I’m starting to feel like me again, not just somebodies mummy.
I went out with friends to a dress up party on the weekend and previously I had been one to avoid these things as I always thought I looked ridiculous dressed up, a hippo trying to dress up as a fox I guess you could say but I saw photos and I loved them!! I loved how I looked, I couldn’t pick a single fault and that is a huge achievement for someone who has pretty much refused to even be in photos for years because of how bad I felt seeing them.
I posted my photo in the Lose Baby Weight support group and literally hundreds of people liked it and so many positive, encouraging comments were made, I feel like I’m part of a big wonderful supportive family.
Louise x
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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