My name is Louise, I am a 31 year old mum of 3 kids and I have lost 15kgs with Lose Baby Weight and I am a motivating mum for May.
Lose Baby Weight-15kg Loss
I’m a part time Uni student and a full time taxi driver for my girls that participate in after school activities every day (not always at the same place and time as each other)
As a child growing up I was chubby, but towards the end of my teen years I had no issues at all staying a healthy weight, it wasn’t until I got pregnant with my first daughter that the kgs started to creep up and then when she was 4 months old I was once again pregnant so a few more crept on and then as a mum with 2 kids under 14 months old things were crazy, I didn’t feel like I could make time for myself and a few more kgs got added on top.
It wasn’t until my son’s 1st Birthday after looking at photos that I thought, alright, it’s been 12 months, time to get rid of this baby weight! Then it hit me that it wasn’t 12 months, I had been carrying it around for the better part of 7 years.
February was my first 28 day challenge, I will admit I had some doubts about the cost of groceries and about how little exercise seemed to be required but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
The meal plan was easy to adjust, I would pick 3 recipes and double up for the week (having one night off) and I found after the initial grocery shop where I got all the staples my grocery budget didn’t change much from what it was previously.
Lose Bay Weight- Belly Buster
I was already going to the gym a few days a week with some friends so I didn’t do the challenge exercises religiously but I did use them at least 3 days a week, sometimes more when I was too busy to get to the gym and they were perfect, my kids joined in on the living-room floor and it was a great family activity.
During March I decided that I had to shift priorities for a bit to keep up with Uni and the kids sport/education but I still used Lose Baby Weight recipes and every night after all the work was done and the kids were in bed I would scroll through the support group learning new things, keeping my motivation up despite being in a ‘time out’ on weight loss.
I realised that I didn’t need the time off, I was still losing weight, the program is a life change that is easy to make and it wasn’t something that was taking over my life in ways that my other attempts had.
In the past few months I have learned that while exercise is amazing, gives me lots of energy and changes my body shape, I don’t have to do it for hours in order to be moving my weight in the right direction, I can take a week off completely if need be and as long as I eat the right foods I still see the scales moving in the right direction.
The mission I have given to myself as a Motivating Mummy of May is to show other mums who might be flat out like myself that its ok not to be perfect, its ok if you don’t exercise for a day, its ok if you have a bad meal, that what you do some of the time isn’t as important as what you do the majority of the time.
I have currently lost 15kgs since December 2014 and while averaging just under 4kgs a month may seem small, its not!
I look back at photos of myself last year and that 15kgs is huge. I have my bad weeks but then I think about it and if I can get to 15kgs in 4 months with all my imperfections and off days, that would be a difference of over 40kgs in a year!
That’s huge. I’m so thankful for Lose Baby Weight and all the motivating mums who have come before me.
Louise x
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Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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