When we are trying to lose weight, tone up the stomach fat area or just try and be healthy it is easy to think that any healthy eating or weight loss plan is going to cost a lot of money or fall out side of your weekly budget.  But thankfully if you plan ahead and shop smart then this doesn’t have to be the case.
Online shopping is a great way to help you budget money and still lose weight and bust that stomach fat. I do my shopping online each week and I find I save so much money and always have the fridge full of healthy foods.
Some great foods to stock up when on a budget are:

  • Eggs – these are so versatile and can be used for all sort of meals (boiled, scrambled, poached,egg mayonaise) and a good tip is where you use one yolk for ever 4 eggs – so for lunch you might have 4 egg whites and one egg yolk mashed up with some wholegrain bread. The egg white is high in protein so it is a good idea to have more of that when trying to lose weight and stomach fat
  • Chicken – get as much good and cheap chicken on offer as you can, pre cook it then it is there for when you are hungry
  • Low fat cottage cheese – great for snacking on or adding into pasta
  • Nuts to snack on – big family sized packs are great
  • Low fat yoghurt to snack on – we like Dairy Farmers 99% fat free and light
  • Any lean meats you can buy on special offer that you can pre cook and have in the fridge waiting for you
  • Veggies and fruit – buy them on offer and in season or try your local farmers markets for even better deal
  • Potatoes – great for boiling, mashing and baking – try and get sweet potato rather than white as they are better for weight loss and are low GI

From the above foods you can make so many easy meals and snacks – that don’t cost a fortune such as a jacket potato cooked in the microwave with some cottage cheese and red capsicum in.  A cooked chicken drumstick with some salad and rice cakes/crackers/vita wheat.  4 egg whites and a yolk mashed together with some salt, pepper and a little milk in a wholegrain sandwich with salad. See more recipes to make here
Keep your eyes peeled in the supermarket for special offers on protein foods and use your common sense as to what to buy – for example don’t buy mince on offer which is blatantly fatty (this is usually 3 star mince), but if there is 5 star lean mince on offer then buy it.
Also – a good idea is to try the Lose Baby Weight plans which can not only help you lose weight and lose stomach fat but it can also save you money – and we have a lot of feedback from mums who have infact saved on their grocery bill as well as lost their pregnancy weight.
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