Whenever we need to or want to lose weight, we are all secretly hoping that there is some magic weight loss secret that will appear and help us to lose the weight.
We read various advertising stories that promise to have you lose weight fast without effort and we are always talking to our friends looking to see what has worked for them.
Unfortunately this is why the weight loss industry is so big. We are all hoping that the next fad diet will work and that the weight loss will be easy – you can see our nutritionist’s view point on fad diets here
But the fact of the matter is that weight loss takes determination, motivation, effort and more calories used than eaten/drunk.  It can seem quite an easy proposition when it is spelled out like that but for tired mums all of those points are often more easily said than done.
I have now worked with thousands of mums to lose their baby weight and I pride Lose Baby Weight in offering easy weight loss and exercise plans to help them reach their goals but there are some really important points to note before you get started.

Top 3 points for helping you succeed in weight loss & keep it off
  • You HAVE to be ready emotionally (and physically) to lose the weight. It does take determination and you need to work out why you want to lose the weight. And this means really thinking about what the extra weight makes you feel like. How you will feel when you lose it and what your motivation for losing it is.  If you are not 100% committed you will find it hard to lose your weight over a longer period of time and when things get tough you will give up.  If you don’t yet feel ready then we advise you don’t start as you will be wasting your money and get frustrated.
  • Think HEALTHY and don’t obsess about losing weight. When you start to think of your lifestyle and diet in a healthy way your body and your weight will start to benefit straight away. Plus research shows that people who make their health the main motivation for losing weight lose more weight and keep it off
  • You must see it as a long term lifestyle goal.  If you follow our healthy lifestyle tips and plans – such as the 28 Day Diet & Exercise plan – you will lose your weight. But once you lose your weight if you start eating junk food, fatty foods and doing no exercise you will gain weight. The key is to change your lifestyle to a healthy one and change the way you view exercise and what food you and your family eat.

When you are ready to lose weight we have lots of ways to help you and we love helping as many mums as possible!  We have nutritional smoothie products, our weight loss plans, our 28 day plan, our BMR & BMI calculator, exercise videos, daily blog posts plus over 250 recipes to help you learn how to make delicious and healthy foods
To get some inspiration from other mums who have lost their weight plus see their before and after stories click here