Lose_weight_quicklyOk ladies.  It is time to get serious with your post pregnancy healthy eating and weight loss campaign. Spring is only a couple of weeks away and the warmer weather means less clothes and more body exposure so it is time to get focused and kiss good bye to your pregnancy weight gain and say hello to your hot and yummy mummy post baby body!
The average weight gain over winter is 4kg and this is due to all the comfort food that is consumed over this period which we can hide under chunky winter jumpers and loose clothes that it is VERY easy to get into the habit of wearing and hiding those pesky kilos under.
But with the change of season not far away, now is the time to take some positive action to lose your weight and get healthy. And the good news is that your weight loss campaign doesn’t have to be drastic or mean any crazy diets that are hard to stick to or ban so many food types – especially carbs!
The best way to lose your pregnancy weight is to aim for a healthy loss of 1kg a week which can easily be achieved through following good nutrition, a healthy eating plan and daily exercises.
If we don’t intake the right nutrition then our metabolism, immune system and digestion becomes sluggish which hinders good health and weight loss so it is imperative to get that part of your weight loss correct.  Our weight loss plans are easy to follow and give your body the best nutrition possible – you can see them here and the amazing results that mums have on them
Exercise is also really important to lose the weight fast and to tone up those flabby bits and help lose that stomach fat.  And with the warmer weather upon us doing exercise outdoors is great to boost your mood and your body – to check out mums and bubs exercise groups in your state click here and see below for our video on what exercises to do to lose the tummy fat.

You can do it ladies, so get focused and if you need some extra help see our Lose 12kg in 12 Weeks plan.