How to lose weight fast is the biggest question all mum’s want to know. They want it fast and they want it now… don’t we all? 🙂 Unfortunately there are no tricks. The answer is in consistency and hard work, especially at the beginning and it is essential to lose weight safe way and not through drastic means.
But fear not! There is a way to lose weight, but we never recommend anyone lose weight at an unhealthy pace. As busy mums we can’t afford to deplete your bodies too rapidly, especially if we are breastfeeding.
The honest truth to quick weight loss is that there has to be a consistent plan of attack. That’s why following a weight loss plan like our 28 day plan or using our Healthy Mummy Smoothies does wonders for fast results. It keeps you on the straight and narrow. Everything is recorded so you can see why you’re losing weight… and why you don’t… so you can fix it fast.

How you can lose weight fast?

It’s really simply:

  • Cardio, cardio and cardio. Every day.
  • Learn to love sweating!
  • Walk everywhere you can
  • Dance with your bubs
  • Work your core
  • Go outside, laugh, enjoy life.
  • Cut out junk food
  • Work on your diet

Remember, it took you 9 months to gain, so don’t stress about losing it over a short period of time. Don’t lose momentum and never lose the belief that you WILL do it. So rather than asking how to lose weight fast, think about losing weight consistently in the long term so you can be the healthy, happy (and stream-lined) mum you want to be.

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