Lizzie McSorely has lost over an amazing 7kgs with Lose Baby Weight and becomes a Motivating Mum for January.

My name is Lizzie and I am a fist time mum of one beautiful little girl. Prior to having bub my weight had always fluctuated between 80 and 100kgs. I had tried a lot of weight loss diets and regimes which were successful but only in the short term.
I work in a physically demanding job, which requires me to maintain a certain level of medical and physical fitness. These standards have always kept me motivated but after suffering a miscarriage, a back injury, pre-eclampsia and a traumatic birth, the time away from work (my motivator) on maternity leave had led me to be complacent about my health and fitness.
Within a few weeks of having bub, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 97kg. Although I was still overweight, at the time I thought I felt good (thanks to breastfeeding hormones). Around the time bub was 8 weeks old, hubby went away for 4 weeks and I didn’t cope too well. I was sleep deprived and felt exhausted with my beautiful little colicky baby.  It led me to eat what I wanted when I wanted, without even thinking of the consequences. I also tried some stuff to increase my breast milk which I feel aided to my weight gain.
Around the time bub was 4 months old I commenced boot camp, I started to feel really good again and was getting some level of fitness back and I had started walking every day. It was a great opportunity for bub to nap while I pounded the pavement. For time poor mummies I highly recommend putting your bubba in the pram, starting off with one lap of your block and slowly increasing your distance. Despite my efforts with my exercise, I was sabotaging myself by making poor food choices, so I was not seeing any weight loss results.
Around 6 months I stopped breast feeding and that is the time I had the realisation, that I had gained a lot of weight. My clothes didn’t fit and I saw a photo of myself of which I was shocked that it was me, I didn’t look how I felt on the inside.
I first heard of Lose Baby Weight when a friend Motivating Mum Claire Redshaw mentioned it to me a couple of months prior to me signing up. Initially I paid it off as I obviously wasn’t ready at that point in time. I was a little bit afraid of committing to Lose Baby Weight (or any other diet), as I was afraid of being out of my comfort zone. I soon realised that being overweight and unhealthy was not my comfort zone.
I finally committed to the November 28 Day Challenge and I am so glad that I did. I was 109kg which was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was embarrassed.  My motivation to eat clean and healthy returned and I saw results within a few days. Overall since starting Lose Baby Weight I have lost 7.3kg.
The Lose baby weight recipes are fantastic, they are delicious and really easy to follow. I love that the meal plans and shopping lists are created for me. The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are great and very convenient. My favourite Healthy Mummy Smoothie recipe is chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie mixed with half a banana and one cup of milk blended up – yum!
I have recently joined the Lose Baby Weight Facebook Support Group and I am further inspired from seeing all of the results that other mummies have had.
I am so thrilled to be a January Motivating Mum as it will keep me accountable for my own Lose Baby Weight journey and I have always loved helping others achieve their goals. Even if my story only inspires one or two of you I will be happy as that will make a difference.
I know this is a lifestyle change and it’s not going be ‘easy’ all of the time but thanks to Lose Baby Weight I feel as though I am surrounded by like-minded Mums and I now have a place to turn to if I need it.
My new mantra in life is ‘I can’t quit being a mummy to my beautiful little girl, so I can’t quit on working towards a happier and healthier me’.
Lizzie McSorely
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