I am Lizzie and I am very excited to be a Motivating Mum for August. I have been following Lose Baby Weight recipes, plans and products since November 2012. I have lost 14kg and I am so happy that I have lost KGs but I am even more excited about the way in which my body shape has changed since Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg Loss

Lately I have been getting asked questions about how I came to the decision of how to start Lose Baby Weight and what I have done to stay motivated along the way.
When it came to starting Lose Baby Weight, I procrastinated and paid it off when a friend,  had mentioned it to me initially in September of 2014. I was not prepared to step out of my comfort zone and commit to losing weight as that was something I just couldn’t see happening at the time.
I am sure you have heard the saying ‘You can’t help someone if they won’t help themselves’. This is very true. It wasn’t until late October when we had a family day out that I saw a photo of myself and my daughter.  I realised at that point that I had become very over weight and I really was not comfortable. So it was at that point my mind finally realised I had to help myself.
I signed up to the Lose Baby Weight 28 day challenge and I wish I had of been ready much sooner than November.  Taking that first ever progress photo was such a wakeup call, especially now when I reflect back each week and see just how far I have come.
My motivation stems from many things within such as my daughter, the way I look and feel, how I feel in clothes and as I go along my motivations change depending on my goals or what is going on in my life at the time.
healthy eating meal plans
My initial goal was simply to clean up my diet. For me personally this is the best way to start any form of weight loss. I really focussed on setting good boundaries and laying down the foundation to establish good eating habits.
This is where the 28 day challenge became a massive help. I could customise a meal plan to suit myself and I was eating a lot of food throughout the day that was delicious, healthy, portioned appropriately to me and so easy to prepare.
Boy did it work, after a couple of months I had lost over 7kg! At that stage my new healthy eating habits were exactly that – they were becoming habits so I knew that I could start setting some fitness goals.
Lose Baby Weight-14kg LossI set mini goals such as, I would start with one segment of the Lose Baby Weight DVD and build up until I could complete the DVD entirely. Once I achieved this, I added weights, about 2kg each hand, and progressively completed the entire DVD using these.
The message I want to send you today is that, you are not alone in feeling a bit nervous or scared about committing to Lose Baby Weight.
It’s actually not Lose Baby Weight that you are afraid of, it is because you are making yourself accountable for your weight loss and/or health and that can be daunting.
Just know that I was in the same place as you.  So don’t wait any longer join today, customise your meal plan, do the food preparation, take your progress pictures, go for long walks and get started.
Now is your time to step out of your comfort zone, trust me in 28 days’ time you will be so glad that you read this blog and signed up.
Lizzie xx

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