Mum of 6, Lisa Lindsey has been following our Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans since January 2014 to help with losing baby weight and she has lost 30kg.mum_of_6_lisa
Today Lisa is sharing her top tips on how to make weightloss work for you when you are busy and pressed for time.
She writes:
“My name is Lisa Lindsey and this is my story.
The day I went to buy myself a pair of size 18 jeans I had a mini melt down and a week later I decided that had to do something about my weightgain.
Once I started my journey on the Lose Baby Weight plans I often found it difficult to find time for exercise (working around having 6 beautiful children)
Here are my tips on how to fit exercise into your busy days:

  • I Incorporate squats and upper body workouts while I cook dinner or making lunches and while I do my house work.
  • Instead of using my car to get around, I walk everywhere I can for example; taking my kids to school or going to the shops.  I also use a double pram so I get the extra weight to push.
  • Another good one is when I’m breastfeeding my little girl I do my arm curls with my weights; you could do this while reading books with your kids.
  • I also use a stationary stepper which my little ones do with me, you could use steps that you have at home.
  • I always try to keep moving no matter what I’m doing.  You can find some more incidental exercise ideas here.
  • I also try and do the Healthy Mummy DVD when I can time permitting.

This may not be the most conventional way to lose weight but to fit in exercise around my big family life, this works for me.
My whole family eats healthy now and to date my husband has lost 16 kilos as well.  He takes a smoothie to work with him every morning.
I would never tell anyone it’s an easy journey but if I can do it anyone can.”
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