It’s weight loss mum of the month time and we can now announce the first of our AMAZING runners up of a $100 Myer Voucher.
Pregnancy_weight_lossLisa Newland from WA has lost a whopping 24kg and literally looks like a new person – well done Lisa for achieving your healthy and weight loss goals – we are delighted to have been part of it 🙂

Lisa’s Weight Loss Results

“During my pregnancy I put on a whopping 24kgs!!!!
As soon as my little darling was born I knew I had to do something as I was a tad overweight before I fell pregnant to begin with and lost all my confidence.
I began exercising hardcore and cutting out a lot of food which resulted in some weightloss but wasn’t the healthiest way. In late January I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever and couldn’t leave the couch for 3 weeks. I began eating very unhealthy foods trying to get the energy I needed as my body just wasn’t coping with having a newborn and trying to get back into shape that way. I had burnt myself out.
That’s when my friend told me about these fabulous Lose Baby Weight smoothies and all of the support you get as well online via the Lose Baby Weight website and Facebook page.
I was hesitant to begin with as I cant stand drinking anything that’s powdery or tastes weird but soon found out that these smoothies were the complete opposite to any other ‘weightloss shake’ out on the market. They are delicious!!!!
I now look forward to my fruit filled smoothies every morning to kick start my day! Within the first week I noticed a huge difference in the amount of energy I had and it wasn’t long before the weight fell off, my body toned right up and I lost the dark circles from under my eyes.
I’ve lost all 24kgs of pregnancy weight, plus a few more 😉
I am so happy that I found Lose Baby Weight and Rhian because it has changed my whole outlook on diet and exercise.
I have never felt better about my body then what I do today and my confidence has sky rocketted!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Lisa xxx”
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