Hi, my name is Linda and I’m a mum to 2 beautiful yet cheeky boys and I have lost 20kgs with Lose Baby Weight.
I am so excited to be selected as one of the Motivating Mums of the month.  I can’t wait to help motivate and encourage all the wonderful mums in this group with what I have learnt through my journey with Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight - 20kg Loss
I have been overweight since my 20’s.
I tried many diets with no success.  All diets I found were boring, cutting out food groups, trying to lose weight as quickly as I could (but then putting it back on as soon as I stopped the diet).
I found Lose Baby Weight on Facebook and joined at the end of October and my first 28 day Weight loss challenge was in November.
I joined mainly so I could look beautiful in my wedding dress (I got married on February 14th this year!) and I hated the way I looked and felt.
I lost 8 kgs in that first month and was amazed!!
I used to not eat breakfast because I couldn’t be bothered or sometimes lunch because I didn’t feel like it. I bought the Healthy Mummy smoothies and on days where I felt like thatI couldn’t ne bothered I would have a smoothie.
So many delicious smoothies, I actually started looking forward to breakfast.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
I did the exercises religiously every day and kept focusing on how I wanted to look on my wedding day.
When I went for my dress fitting in January, the lady couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost! The dress was a plus size originally and had to be taken in quite a bit!
I reached my goal of 80 kgs and was so happy! I couldn’t believe that I had lost 20 kgs in 5 months.
I feel so much better and lighter, it’s incredible! I have basically lost the weight of my oldest son and some more.
I now have a new goal of 75 kgs (something I couldn’t even dream of) and to tone up.
I’m looking forward to the May belly buster challenge as that is one area I would love to see gone! I’m going on my honeymoon (with my kids!) in Dec/Jan and would love to look amazing wearing a bikini.
I’m looking forward to meeting all the beautiful mums and sharing what Lose Baby Weight has taught me.
I hope I can encourage and motivate even just one mum on their weight loss journey.
Remember to be kind to ourselves as our bodies helped make our wonderful babies but now is the time to look after ourselves so then we can be the best mothers to our children now and in the future.
Linda xx
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Lose Baby Weight- Belly Buster
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