Hi my name is Linda and I am a mother to 3 beautiful children, they are 7, almost 6 and 3 and I have been following the Lose Baby weight lifestyle for over 3 years now, I have lost over 45kgs* – I am so happy to say that I am still living a healthy active life and my children and husband are also living this same healthy active life with me.
I started Lose baby weight after my 3rd baby was born and after my 6 week post birth check-up. I loved lose baby weight as it was safe for breastfeeding mums.
It was a massive shock to my system filling it with great food and I found myself actually eating more than I did before but all the healthy food had not only improved my mood but I lost 10kgs in the first month from changing my diet.
By the time month two had started I was full of energy and started walking a few times a week and before I could keep track of it I was the first motivating Mummy for Lose Baby weight in March 2013.
Lose Baby Weight-45kg Loss
I lost my 45kgs using the lose baby weight healthy mummy smoothies having 1 or 2 a day and cooking dinners from the 28 day diet and exercise plan – for me this book and lifestyle save my life. It was easy to follow – quick and fast and as a mum with 3 kids time was always against me.
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I haven’t looked back – in March 2014 I was moving from Melbourne to Auckland with our 3 kids and yet somehow Lose Baby weight has continued to influence and change our life.
Like my journey Lose Baby Weight has continued to evolve through my journey and have been able to continually offer me something valuable, sometimes recipes, sometimes workouts and sometimes just the amazing Healthy mummy community and support groups.
My Life is Healthier and happier and my confidence is the best it has ever been.
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I got very unwell in December 2014 and spent months in bed and I was still able to eat healthy and stay emotionally motivated through the continued support of the Healthy Mummy support group.
I am constantly improving my health and lifestyle still to this day and love the long term support Lose Baby Weight have offered, with the 28 day challenges there is so much ease with eating healthy and exercising.
Lose Baby Weight-45kg Loss
It empowered me to push my brother into making the hard decision to see that he was in a serious health crisis from him being morbidly obese and I am happy to report that he has now lost over 95kgs and is expecting his second baby next year and from everything Lose Baby Weight empowered me with I was able to be with him and support him through the very tough and sometime isolating journey. I thank them for offering me future with him.
Lose Baby Weight will always be a wonderful memory of how far I have travelled to my healthy motherhood and a big part of my future for continued growth to a healthy lifestyle balance! Never stop finding the balance.
Happy Birthday Lose baby Weight, I wish you many many wonderful happy years bringing awesome Number one healthy products to all the mummies of the globe and offering us all a better future with our families.
Linda xx
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Mum of 3 Ash has TRANSFORMED not only her body but her lifestyle and has lost 25kgs* with The Healthy Mummy Smoothies
Ash says: “Without the tools they have provided me I can guarantee that I would still be the unhappy, miserable couch potato I once was. I’m still addicted to The Healthy Mummy smoothie and drink them religiously every morning, so great for those busy mornings with the kids.”
Lose Baby Weight 26kg Loss
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