Hi, my name is Linda and I’m a mum to 2 beautiful boys- 2.5 yrs and 9 months old and I’m one of the Motivating Mums for May and I have lost 20kgs with the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans.
Lose baby Weight- 20kg Loss
I joined Lose Baby Weight at the end of October 2014 and did my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge in November. I was amazed that I lost 8 kgs in that challenge.
I use the Healthy Mummy smoothies when I don’t feel like eating breakfast or I can’t be bothered making lunch but know I need to eat.  So many different flavour possibilities (and I can have a chocolate fix at breakfast and enjoy it, knowing it’s good for me).
Lose Baby Weight has taught me so much about nutrition, health, exercise and most importantly, taking care of myself.
I have lost weight but I have also gained so much more.
I am a healthier, fitter and more active mummy to my boys. Before Lose Baby Weight, I had a high chance of developing Type 2 diabetes (I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies). But now, my risk has dropped dramatically.
Lose Baby Weight isn’t a fad diet or a quick way to lose weight.  It’s a lifestyle, a new way of living.  Something that can be maintained for life.

Sure, I still enjoy ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’ foods, but when I do, I enjoy it. I don’t believe in food guilt. Everything in moderation. This is what I love about Lose Baby Weight. They don’t cut out food groups but find a healthier version of it.
A few quotes which I like and has helped me through my ‘journey’ are-
‘If you eat what you’ve always eaten, you’ll weigh what you’ve always weighed’.
‘Focus on how far you’ve come not how far you have to go’.
‘The only person you should STRIVE to be better than is the person you were yesterday’.
‘Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body’.
Losing weight is achievable and through the help and support of Lose Baby Weight, we can do it. It’s all about us and how much we want it. How much we put into it, stopping the excuses and learning from our mistakes or slip ups.  It has worked for me and I’m forever thankful to Lose Baby Weight.
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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