pregnancy_weight_lossWe are so lucky to get so much feedback from the mums on the Lose Baby Weight pregnancy weight loss plans and it is why we love what we do and continue to do what we do as it is an incredible feeling to be able to help as many mums as possible reach their health and weight loss goals – without having to resort to any fad fast weight loss diet.
And last week we received this email in from Lina Sammut and it has literally MADE OUR DAY.
Not sure if it my pregnancy hormones but this email brought a tear to my eye and I am so so so happy that Lina is feeling so good.
This feedback means so much to us all at Lose Baby Weight so thank you a million times over for all the mums who send in their feedback every day xxxx

Lina’s Story

“Hi Rhian, I am one week new to the lose baby weight program and my goal is to lose about 18 kgs (although 15 would be just fine). I have been drinking the Healthy Mummy smoothies daily for the last week and I love them.
To me they are like magic dust. Something magical is happening to me and my body. I am a 3 times non hodgkins lymphoma survivor with the last battle only just over 1 year ago.
The treatment this time included some pretty strong concoctions of drugs along with 3 weeks of daily radiotherapy. To say this knocked me about is an understatment.
I had no energy, and for the past 3 months have really felt fat and frumpy. I came across your Lose Baby Weight program on facebook and have been watching and reading all of the blogs that all these beautiful women have posted about there successes.
And this lead me to give it a go. For someone who is overweight and very unfit, i attended a 1.5hour Zumba masterclass this week and can i tell you i kept up with the instructor. I shaked what my mumma gave me the whole 90 mins.
And i tell you what i was so surprised i was able to hang in there, even beating some other “young ones” in the room (im only 35). I had so much energy and i was bouncing off the walls. Even after the class i went home and was bouncing around and this morning while getting my twins ready for daycare i was dancing and boogying while i was helping them brush there teeth.
Now i know it is a process in loosing weight and this time i plan to make it work. The chemo had affected my hormone levels and has possibly put me into early menopause but as the endocrinologist said loosing weight may just help.
Sorry for the long drawn our letter. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the abundance of energy i know have from the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
Forever in your debt.

Lina’s update September 28th

And on September 28th Lina sent in another email with an update on how she is going and this has made us do such a happy dance – thank you so much for the update Lina!!!
Hi Rhian, An update from my previous email is your healthy mummy smoothies are truly amazing.
A 3 time cancer survivor my body has been through hell and back, multiples surgeries, tests, scans, feeling like a vampire with multiple blood tests and two separate times of doing chemo and radiotherapy. I have been exhausted and tired while being a full time working mum or twin girls.
The smoothies have been FANTASTIC. Not only has it given me all the energy in the world, i feel like a kangaroo bouncing around. I have so much energy its ridiculous.
This morning i even got up at 5am to go for a walk as i knew i wouldnt have time tonight. The meals you have provided in the booklet and online is just great. I had my oncologist check up last week and all my levels have increased and my body is back to fighting form. I even got complemented on by my Doc. That never happens.
You have taught me about good nutrician and looking after myself and am on my way to my goal of 20 kgs loss. I am at the start of it all. 3kgs down but cant believe how easy it is when you have the resouces such as your site and FB.
Thank for teaching me how and what to eat and the things to watch out for.”
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