Libby has been following the healthy eating diet plans from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges since September but hasn’t followed them with much passion until the January Challenge and she has now lost 8.2kgs and finds the Challenges one of the best ways to lose weight.
Hi guys – I’m so excited with my results:
Weight: 68.7kg down to 66.7kg (although today I weighed in at 66.4kg) which is my lightest weight since I can remember – I have no idea what I weighed pre-18, so I’d say high school (I’m 33 now).
Measurements: A loss of 9.5cm this month (bust, waist, hips, both thighs & both arms)
Exercise test: push ups increased from 22 to 28 in 60sec, squats from 30 to 50 in 60sec, plank from 90sec to 135sec, and burpees from 14 to 16 (I’m still trying to correct my technique).
28 day weight loss challenge

5 JANUARY – 31 MARCH 2015
Weight: 74.6kg down to 66.4kg (as of today) – 8.2kg loss since start of January!
Measurements: a loss of 41cm!!! (Bust, waist, hips, both thighs, both arms) whoa!!
Exercise test: I couldn’t find my past exercise tests to see how I’d increased since Jan, but I’m sure there’s a huge difference!

I’ve been a Challenge member since September, but for the first couple of Challenges I just loosely followed the meal plans and recipes, but didn’t take the time to fully understand and follow the Challenges.
Leading up to the January challenge I decided to get my butt into gear and put in 100% (this has since increased to 110%). So I started taking my weight and measurements seriously, planned the week ahead properly, and fit in exercise wherever I could! I’m loving it more and more and can’t wait for the next Challenge!
I love being able to customise the meal plans to suit my family’s preferences, schedules and food we already have in the freezer/pantry. The exercises are easy to follow and can fit into the evening, especially if I’ve run out of time for much else during the day. I love including my family and friends in my healthy lifestyle choices, and LOVE the extra confidence and energy I have!
I never thought losing this much weight would be possible, and am so grateful for Lose Baby Weight coming into my Facebook newsfeed!
My next challenge is to tone up as everything has begun drooping (haha!) so my plan is to add an extra bootcamp into my week, increase my strength and toning exercises and add incidental toning exercises wherever I can (this month I started adding squats when brushing my teeth, kitchen bench push-ups and glute leg lifts when cooking, tricep dips when cleaning rooms and crunches when waiting for bub to fall asleep – 6 months ago, I’d never have even thought of doing those!)
Thank you for such wonderful family-friendly products and Challenges!!
Libby Butler

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