I’m very excited and honoured to be one of your Maintenance Mums for this October – not only to help motivate and inspire you this month, but also because I’m actually in “Maintenance Mode”!  Me!?
Maintaining a loss of 16kg* since joining Lose Baby Weight in September 2014 and a weight of 60.5kg (+/- 1kg)!  The girl who’s been overweight since before puberty and has achieved a healthy BMI once in her adult life (before now)!
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss

I used to blame my weight on PCOS.  But I’ve recently admitted and come to terms with the fact that I’d been making poor food choices and been pretty inactive for most of my life.
In Primary School, I would find money and buy lollies, iceblocks, meat pies and corn chips (OMG scooping out meat pie with corn chips was delicious, yet the thought now makes me gag!) from the Tuck Shop.
I avoided most sporting activities throughout High School: “forgetting” my joggers; sitting out of swimming because “it’s THAT time of the month”; conveniently suffering from stitches when it was my time to run.
When I lived in London in my early adult years, I decided that McDonalds was cheaper than sandwiches at Tescos; would demolish a medium McChicken meal with a cheeseburger on the side; and ended big nights out with a whole pizza or a large serve of BBQ chicken and chips every weekend.
PCOS has certainly made losing weight very difficult for me, and brought with it all sorts of horrid symptoms which have wreaked havoc on my self-esteem, emotional and physical state since being diagnosed at 16 (and confirmed at 23) – but it wasn’t entirely to blame.
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I didn’t treat myself well over the years, seeking comfort in food and men, and my attempts at weight loss had been half-hearted and never followed through.
In 2012, after deciding that I was not a happy Mummy at 83kg, I managed to lose about 16kg by initially making healthy lifestyle changes, then following a 12 week weight loss program to boost my results.
My loss however, was not sustainable, and I crept back up to about 72kg, then fell pregnant with number two.  I experienced what I thought was a reasonably healthy pregnancy, although I hit approx 90kg at full term in February 2014.
My weight settled back around 83kg once again, and in June 2014, we suspected my son had a cow’s milk protein intolerance, so I removed cow’s milk products from my diet (while consuming sheep/goat milk cheese and yoghurt).
Cutting down my dairy intake and starting to make better food choices saw me shed 6.5kg in the first few months.
In August, I discovered Lose Baby Weight on Facebook through a friend’s interests, and decided to look into the 28 Day Challenge.  I read some of the testimonials (all seemed too good to be true!) and decided to take the plunge!
In September, I began my first 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge at 76.5kg!
When starting your first Challenge, I highly recommend assigning some time to sit down and read everything before you begin.  Familiarise yourself with the website, the challenge hub, the blogs, the useful information and tips, the recipes and meal plans, the exercise plans (which I didn’t see until a few months in!), calculate your BMR and recommended daily calories, set yourself some short and long term goals (and rewards!) and make yourself known on The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight Support Group on Facebook!
lose baby weight
It will make the Healthy Lifestyle transition so much easier.  Come Christmas time, I’d “only” lost 1.9kg and realised that I needed to put on my big girl panties, take ownership of my journey and invest some time and care into me!  So from January 2015, I was all in!
I committed myself to my journey; I started taking progress photos and measurements; I spent time customising my meal plans to suit my calorie needs (2200cal at the time)/schedule/family preferences/budget.
I became an active contributor on the Facebook support group, asking questions and sharing my journey; I spent time at the end of each evening completing the day’s Challenge exercises; I included the Healthy Mummy smoothies into each day; and I found other forms of exercise, such as walking, boxing bootcamp, incidental exercise, and the Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.
Since then, I’ve lost a further 14.1kg and am now the lightest, healthiest, most energized, happiest and confident I’ve been in my whole adult life!  When I first set my goal weight as 65kg in the Challenge Hub, I thought I was dreaming!
As soon as I was approaching that goal, I decided to reduce it to 60kg – and now I’m there!  I often look back on the past year and wish I’d found The Healthy Mummy and lose Baby Weight much earlier!
If only I’d known that it was possible to lose weight without starving myself; without working out for hours at the gym each day; while including my family on my journey; not missing out on celebrations and social outings; and by enjoying smarter, healthier alternatives to the comfort foods I’ve always loved, including chocolate and dessert!
This month, I will continue to concentrate on maintaining my weight, while increasing and varying my exercise to tone my body.
I thought I was going to be eternally overweight and unhappy.  I am so grateful for The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight.
The support group has been fantastic in motivating me along my journey and I love being able to give back and assist others on theirs.
Together we can do this.  Not every day has to be perfect, but we just need to try.
You’ve got this!
Libby xx
For a sneak peek of the 28 Day Challenge recipes and to see just how easy & delicious they are, download your FREE Dessert recipe sampler here
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Results from mums on the 28 Day Challenge

Mums lose an average of 4-6kg* (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!
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Erin Loses a MASSIVE 44.7kgs* on our 28 Day Challenges
ATT_1432553421277_Photo-Collage-Maker_xoa48h (1)
Erin says: “I love the 28 day challenge! It takes all the guess work of “what do i have for dinner” and fumbling around the fridge looking for ingredients before deciding on something “easy” (and usually not healthy!) The best thing is, after doing my weekly shop once the shopping list comes out I have everything I need to make something HEALTHY AND EASY!”
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