I’m Libby and I’ve been maintaining my goal weight of 60-61kg for a few months now.
I’ve lost 16.5kgs* with thanks to The Healthy Mummy and Lose Baby Weight since September last year, and am loving the new me!
I have committed my time as Maintenance Mum this November to helping you become better prepared for the upcoming holiday season.
Lose Baby Weight-16kg Loss

I love to party.  I love to celebrate. I love to socialise. I love to cook. I love to have a few drinks. I love to dance. I love to talk. I love to bake. I love to eat. I love Christmas!
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This Christmas is going to be hard for me.  I have always overindulged at Christmas – Christmas parties; work Christmas dinner; work Christmas lunch; Christmas treats left on my desk at work; Christmas with the extended in-laws; Christmas with my mother-in-law; Christmas with my father-in-law; Christmas with my family, Christmas with the neighbours, Christmas with friends.. it’s a busy time of year, filled with food, drinks and all sorts of “it’s once-a-year” extravagances!
This will be my first Healthy Mummy Christmas (although I was on my Lose Baby Weight journey last Christmas, I was far from healthy!).
BUT I have survived all the partying and socialising I’ve enjoyed so far this year.
I have learned how to prepare and control myself (mostly!) and train myself away from the bad habits that caused me to be overweight most of my adult life.  I have had good days, and bad days, but my good days most certainly outweigh the bad.  I can do this!

Here are Libby’s tips for surviving Party Season:

  • Relax – adding pressure on yourself isn’t going to make this easier;
  • Aim to get your exercise done earlier in the day, if possible. Do a bigger workout than usual, if you like, in an effort to counteract some overindulgences (not to excess!);
  • Meal plan around planned social events so you eat healthily for the rest of the day (I find replacing my other two meals with a Healthy Mummy smoothie helps me have a no-fuss, healthy, filling meal without the effort);
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after;
  • If you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two, vodka, lime and soda is a good low-cal option, or stick to your drink of choice (be aware that alcohol adds empty calories) and have a glass of water in between every alcoholic drink;
  • Ensure you eat enough throughout the day and aren’t starving by the time of the event, which can lead to poor decisions. Prepare protein-based snacks, a smoothie or fruit to eat leading up to the event;
  • If attending a restaurant, try to look at the menu ahead of time so you can make the best decision for you beforehand, without the pressure of on-the-spot ordering (or in case of a set menu, see if you can make special requests, such as requesting a vegetarian or gluten free meal);
  • If attending a party at someone’s house, offer to take a plate of food with you. Take along a big tray of veggie sticks and some healthy dips, or something from the vast array of recipes on the Lose Baby Weight website. That way, having control over one food on offer, you know there’ll be something from which you’ll have no guilt snacking;
  • Take some healthy snacks in your bag in case you’re faced with tables of “sometimes” foods – pretzels, air-popped popcorn, fruit, veggie sticks, rice crackers, bliss balls, all fare quite well in containers or ziplock bags in handbags; and
  • If there’s music – dance! Tap your feet.. nod your head.. shuffle from side to side.. shake that booty.. SQUAT! Move your body, not only to distract you from tempting foods and drinks, but to help burn some of those excess calories!

Do you LOVE dessert?! Get your FREE dessert sampler from the 28 Day Challenge here
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If you choose to let go for one meal or one night, not worry about what you eat, enjoy an indulgence or “cheat meal”.. go ahead!  But own it.
Don’t spend the next day wallowing in self-pity.  You make your choice and deal with it.
Yes, you will probably feel bloated and icky the next day, if you decided to enjoy overly fatty/salty/rich/sweet foods, but it will be short-lived.  Your body will take a few days to adjust to and digest the different foods; your weight will go up, then it will go down; will retain water; you will feel guilty.
All completely normal.  But for the sake of your sanity, you need to recognise what you did and move on.  Continue with your healthy meal plan, continue to make better choices for your body, continue to drink lots of water.
If you intended on eating healthily, but had a few slip ups and are disappointed in yourself – evaluate your behaviour so you can learn from it.
Work out what triggered you to make the decisions you made, think about what you could have done differently, and make a plan for next time.
Do not punish yourself with excessive exercise, as this is not the kind of mindset that will help you make these lifestyle changes.
It is just that – a lifestyle.
There will be good days, there will be bad days, but we are here to learn how to manage those days and live healthier lives for us, for our future, for our families.
And, anyway, this is Christmas!  Be happy that you’ve made healthy changes to your life and will continue with them through into the new year.  That’s my plan – is it yours?
Libby xxx
Do you LOVE dessert?! Get your FREE dessert sampler from the 28 Day Challenge here
dessert-samplerOr you can join the challenge directly here

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