Hi Lose Baby Weight
I had my little girl in November of 2012. I knew i wanted to lose a fair bit of weight fairly quickly as i had gained almost 20kg whilst pregnant (healthy eating and exercisce obviously didn’t work!! lol)
I knew there was no point starting before christmas as i would just get down on myself for being naughty over christmas so my boyfriend and i decided our new years resolution was to lose weight together. so far so good! 🙂
I have lost almost 6 kgs in a month on the Lose Baby Weight Plans and Healthy Mummy Smoothies. my bust has gone down 2 cm (never going to be too small with breast feeding!)
I have lost 9cm around my waist, 9cm from my hips and 8cm from my thighs!
Thanks lose baby weight for giving me the tools and motivation to start this journey, to get results and keep me going! 🙂
Bring on the rest of the year and to losing another 11kgs to get down to just under my pre baby weight 🙂
Lesley Drew

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