Hi Mummies
My name is Lea and i am a 25year old busy Mum to 2 kids and I am a Motivating Mum for May.
Since December i have lost over 18kgs using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and doing the 28 day weightloss Challenges.
Lose Baby Weight- 18kg Loss
I have been overweight my whole life and after each pregnancy i put on 20kgs (my heaviest weight being 107kgs!)
I found lose baby weight when i was 30 weeks pregnant with my second child and started using the free recipes straight away. I loved the meals so much that i pre-ordered my first tub of smoothie mix and the 28 day cookbook so that i could start as soon as i had my daughter.
I always start my day of with a Healthy Mummy smoothie before leaving the house at 8am to drive my partner into the city for work.
I then take my kids to either the park or if it’s cold outside an indoor playground and let them run around for a few hours.
While i use to sit down while they ran around I now join in by doing squats while pushing them on the swing or following them around the park doing walking lunges. By the time we get back home it is 12pm and the kids are ready for lunch and naps.
While they are napping i do some housework, prep dinner and try to get a few segments of the Healthy Mummy DVD in.
I love this program because it has so much variety and it is very convenient to use with my busy lifestyle.
Lose Baby Weight - Challenge
Lose Baby weight has taught me the fundamentals to living a healthy lifestyle.
In the beginning i was nervous about the recipes as most of the time i brought packet mixes. I have now learnt how easy it is to cook a nutritious meal. And the best thing is that my fussy toddler and partner love the meals!
My top tips to help you start your weight loss journey and to maintain your weight is to become a member of the facebook support page.
There are so many amazing, supportive ladies that have great advice, tips and tricks to help you every step of the way. Every time I lacked motivation I would browse the page for a few minutes and BANG!! – My motivation would come flooding back.
I would also highly recommend taking photos and measurements before you start so that you can track your progress as you go. Doing this has helped to keep me motivated and on track as i see the cms come off and notice the difference with every new photo.
My ultimate goal is to get to 65kilos, so i still have just over 10kg to go.
For the May Belly Buster challenge my goals are to tone up (especially around my tummy area) and to lose 4.5kg over the next four weeks.
I am so excited to be a motivating mum for the month of May and cannot wait to get started. I really hope to inspire you as much as the other motivating mums have inspired me.
Leah x
Lose Baby Weight- Challenge
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