Hello mummies,
Wow! Can you believe it, we are half way through our May Belly Busting 28 Day Weightloss Challenge.
Lose Baby Weight-18kg Loss
At this point in time some of you may be excited and on track for the next two weeks. However, there may be a few mums who started out with guns blazing but have since lost momentum.
Whether it be because life started to get in the way with parties or family dinners or you didn’t see results as quickly as you had planned now is the time to get back on the wagon!
Below are my top 3 tips to staying on track and getting back your groove.

Tip 1:Get Excited about your food

As you know being healthy is 80% about what you put in your mouth. One of my favourite things about the challenges is not only do they create a whole new food plan every 2 months, but you have access to previous challenge meals as well. That’s over 500 recipes! It may take a while to go through it all – but if you are excited about what you have planned to eat then you will be more inclined to stay on track.

Tip 2:Prepare, prepare, prepare

You have seen all the posts on Facebook about bulk cooking and prepping meals on a Sunday for the rest of the week. This is a great way to keep on track. I have two small kids and don’t always have time to prep a lot of meals so I utilise the healthy mummy smoothie mix. Using the yummy smoothie mixes eliminates two meals (breakfast and lunch) five out of seven days a week. It is easy to prepare and so versatile. By doing this, I only have to prep two snacks for the week and dinners. Time saved = winning!

Tip 3:Put on your exercise clothes!

It may seem like a simple idea, but just the act of putting on your exercise clothes may be enough motivation to go for a walk or to the gym. Every Time I find myself starting to make excuses as to why I can’t workout, I get up, put my clothes on and set up the computer to see the challenges. By this time, I am motivated enough to at least start and by half way through the exercise, endorphins have kicked in and I’m feeling better than ever!
I hope that my three top tips help you get through the rest of the challenge and remember to use all the wonderful resources that Lose Baby Weight has to offer.
I can’t wait to watch your progress and updates on the Facebook support page.
Lea x
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