I started with the healthy mummy smoothies then bought the 28 Diet & Exercise plan book. For me as a mother of 7 kids none of which is in high school, I can’t spend too much time prepping food so the 28 day plan recipes and healthy mummy smoothies were perfect as they are very filling AND easy.
Originally I started on the Lose Baby Weight program because i was breastfeeding at the time and wanted something safe but even now that Ive stopped breastfeeding Im still hooked on it as I still have a lot of weight to lose.

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The plan is very realistic and something I can see making it a lifetime change and slowly get my family eating the same. I don’t feel like Im missing out on anything I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the healthy version of “naughty” foods like da chocolate cake & brownies.
There are soooooo many different recipes on the website too. So much variety. I can go on and on about it but at the end of the day losing weight all depends on how much you want it. I suffer from depression so losing weight is crucial for me AND my family and this plan makes it easy.
You dont feel lost and overwhelmed of how to start. We all know losing weight is 80% diet & 20% exercise. Exercise was the easy part for me as Ive always been into sports but after having kids I don’t have time for it so gym has replaced that but as far as eating… that was the hard part but now made easy thanks to you guys :-)
Having 7kids with all different activities and all in primary school I don’t have time to follow the eating plan to the dot but because of constantly referring to it ALL THE TIME I know it off by heart and when I’m really just wanting “naughty snacks” I go on website and look up all da snack ideas.
I loved da potato crisps in the microwave which I have with the salsa. As I said before exercising is the easy part for me & now with all the recipes on the website AND my 28day book eating is also now ok. So glad I came across this.
Thank you!
Lavinia Epati
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